We, Cosmology and Between

Kamran Karim Malang

An infant do not knows that he knows any know? Or we do not know about infants know? When I was an infant, I did not know about my ego boundaries because yet I’m Kamran KArimnot an infant. Limitations are once ego boundaries. When an individual clicks stage of knowing about the unconscious: begins to enhance his ego boundaries. Unconscious is state of mind which is wiser than us. Having ego boundaries in very austere way; such person can deal with anyone or anything, they can know who they are? What to do? Why this so? How to get safe? These are only attainable in case of patience, reverence of curiosity, right concentration, attachment, and having love with all these. It’s not fully confusing that I’m an adolescent, adult, or something another which could know by my unconscious; yet there has no any relation held between conscious and unconscious in order to do negotiation of thoughts, we have to let conscious to more experience time to get close to imagination powers. As imagination encircles the universe, it’s, which can explains the laws which govern the universe. There never could the stop signs or barriers in one’s imaginations which cause idleness.

Date back, from the very evolution, the people, gradually began to think. Yet the same thinking ability which is utterly capable to do so, results to rise of such great intellectuals, who not only strive hard to make easy our life standards but attempt to explain the roots of the universe, beyond, and the very first causes of massive creation. And this work will continue so until the human would change or evolve into new specie. But like our misfortunate apps, cousins, were left behind, there would such humans next thousand years who will left behind in the forests of fear, ignorance and something between them, like apps. When I did an effort to observe contemporary people: other than cosmologists, astrophysicists, et cetera, the youth, oblivion, or that one’s who are related to celestial are doing only for sake of earning, or this can be surmised ‘the drawbacks of Digital revolution’, chaps are incessantly getting hectic in it so. There has death of curiosity. Such which was in Emmy Noether, a female, who inspired Albert Einstein. Yet I’m not capable to write any maxim or curiosity of A. Einstein. But his one of the most essential principal which caused to know about Black holes is ‘General theory of relativity’, 1905.

We ought to be careless about the consequences, this is psych, but not about the struggles which we ought to be perform in whatever time, but could make it appropriate. The one reason of being fearless or care is, Bernard Russell, narrative, “At my early speeches people make me terrified, confused, but when I build my mind that whatever I speak it never matters, it never effects to the existence, reality and the causes on which universe had created, this often made less wrong actions”.

More than lonesome I be more I think about the uncertainties, mind of God, before the creation, and more significant though for me: either God could be considered illegitimate omnipotent or what I can’t hitherto far to perceive: theology, I must not offend religious sensibilities, but what’s there inside, God has no birth and no death, God has no starting no end point. Yet I don’t know what to call in more than broader sense, not surmising only skeptics, paradoxes, staunch statements, or something which human isn’t capable to explain or yet our imaginations are worthless. Whatever, former statements are poetic (religion gives it in the form of sensuous myths, pictures, and symbols) rather scientific. For example, the basic belief of Upanishads is that the creator of the entire universe is Brahman, who is changeless, eternal and infinite. When we ask such questions like, how the universe arose out of this being, as comprehensive religious dogmas presents such answers: “As the red hot iron or the colors in the flame processed there from a thousand fold, so do all things, beings whatever proceed and will again return to it. An austere theory rather than paradox, neither sort of philosophy which relinquishes skepticism two one’s struggles: This is not an actuality which we would tackle as religions wisdom. This is absolute science which as perpetually getting us aware about everything. And is yet in quest, one of the most influential findings which we can know and becoming relaxed in our confusions: which intrigues, The Big Bang, often it call ‘the Standard model’. The term was first coined by Fred Hoyle during a British Broadcasting Corporation BBC radio broadcast in 1950. There was an explosion not familiar as would occur on Earth. The first there minutes, the bang simultaneously occurred everywhere throughout the space. Filling all space. Every particle began to apart from every other particle, a beginning. The temperature there was hundred thousand million centigrade more than which is inside in the center part of a hottest star.

There were so called elementary particles which begin to rush; these particles are the main subject of modern high energy nuclear physics: electrons were such particles, the negatively charged particles, which flows throw current. In present universe these electrons are found in making the outer parts of the atoms and molecules. Another particle was positron, positively charged particle equal to mass of an electron. Over time these protons, electrons, and positrons get closer and formed hydrogen, smidgen helium also. After billion years according to modern cosmological observations planets, stars, galaxies created the present universe in which we are living in a small planet but having enough intellect to conquer it so. Being human, having brain, and also hope full of love we ought to be proud without arrogance and begin a new starting to make prove out existence in the sense which ought to be as it’s much necessary. As it’s need, as it was and it will, indeed.

The writer is a student of Hons in Sociology at Government College of Science.

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