Struggle for Education

Farhan Jumani

Javed wants to explore the world of Literature. Huma wants to become a Dentist. Sana wants to develop herself as a content writer. These are few names I met during recent days.  They are struggling to develop their skills rather than spending their essential time on social media. 

FarhanIt is the goodness of this age which is recognized as the age of knowledge and information.  But unfortunately, only those who are genius or having many score in their educational result cards only can access the world of knowledge. What about others, who don’t brought the same results? Do they do not have rights to develop their selves.  Then why these students have to struggle for funds in this educational system. Why every scholarship institutions and educational NGO’s are supporting those who already have best scores.    

In one of the interview with Laszlo Bock a head of people operations in Google says “Successful bright people rarely experience failure, and so they don’t learn how to learn from that failure.” 

Since all doors of opportunities are close for these bright students, they have an unfortunate reactions. It is dire time for us to think for these people. How can we help them? If educational institutions and NGO’s has the limitation of funds, but we as individual can seek such students and help them by providing funds on individual bases for their education. So that, they can also get the equal opportunity to learn and develop their learning abilities. Surely, their informal experience of education has taught them the real essence of life. These students are new hope to change the existence education system and communities.

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  1. I dont know weather your idea is right or wrong but you have surely a point worth discussing.

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