Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Why can’t the GB government clean up the terrorists once and for all?

Ali Shahid

It was after the 2012 Chilas assault where a charged mob killed travelers ferociously at when the GB government could have opened its eyes and taken concrete measures to deal with the outlawed exercises on KKH and in other parts of GB with an iron hand and exterminated them at where they rose. But the government manifested ultimate insensitivity which gave life to another blood-spattered holocaust in Lolosar in the same year, where ten to 12 people wearing army uniform stopped the bus and forced some people off the bus, after checking their papers, they opened fire and above 20 people were eliminated brutally. They were all Shias. Time went on, and we all overlooked the occurrence which puts innocents’ to ghastly demise.

Tailing it another assault was propelled by the terrorists. On June 23, 2013 shooters dressed as paramilitary strengths murdered 10 foreign tourists in an unprecedented attack in Gilgit-Baltistan. The gunmen stormed into a base camp, killing Chinese and Ukrainian climbers. The TTP accepted responsibility for the attack, terming it revenge against the US drone attacks and the assassination of TTP chief Waliur Rehman Mehsud, at that time.

In the sequence of events that followed, the security forces also paid a considerable price for the failures of the government; they lost a Colonel and an SSP in Chilas region in another coward attack by the fanatics. Now, two members of the Engineers corps of Army have been kidnapped, and the government is relaying on a Jirga, wasting valuable time, while two innocent people remain in illegal custody of militants. I am unable to discern as to why the GB government and forces are getting so incapable to tackle few destroyers of peace? What stops them from doing the needful?

How long will you keep negotiating and requesting outlawed agitators? Who deserve only to be killed as brutally as they kill innocence. What is the law for if you are not discriminating between right and wrong?

No and never to cut a deal is an answer for such reviles, though the time had come very earlier to stifle them with powers, yet this time if the administration doesn’t make the strictest move then no doubt that sooner TTP will choose Gilgit Baltistan as the best hideout to monitor and control their operations across the Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan.

I am worried that Gilgit Baltistan which is generally the most tranquil and brilliant area may transform into one of the most ghastly and shocking spots of the country. Wake up government before it’s past the point of no return. For God sake quit sorting political advantages when it’s about the security of the area. Operate and clean up the curse once and for all, restore law and order to win back peace and honor for the enchanting Gilgit Baltistan, restoring brotherly ties between the people who have lived here for centuries.

I am Sunni, I am Shia, I am an Ismaili, but we all are Muslims and we are against outlawed terrorists and we think that those who keep apathy for the perpetrators of antagonism are equally terrorists. Finish them!

Concluding with a message to youth of GB

“Let’s Together Restore the Peace, Oppose every agitation which destroys the peace of Gilgit Baltistan”

“Together We Can”

The contributor is a student of engineering at Comsats University. He is also a COO of the “Glow Together Baltistan” organization. 

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