The real essence of Karbala

By Dj Mathal
What is the essence of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain? Surely there are a thousand of answers to this question as every human being looks at this historical incident from his own prospective and this is a universal truth that the incident of Karbala is of immense importance for every human being on this earth irrespective of religion and sect. There is a universal message in this incident. As a matter of fact the incident of karbala served as a catalyst of change for the oppressed and alienated nations of the world. The incident gave a ray of hope for the weak and crippled and taught them a new dimension of victory and defeat as it is well said that “for those having a history of Karbala, the standard of defeat and victory is something beyond the conventional wisdom”.
This incident changed the definition of victory and defeat and taught the weak and crippled to strive for their rights regardless of their strength and gave the message that one should stand eye ball to eye ball against the evil forces regardless of their strength. This is the real essence of Karbala that to struggle against the evil and illegal forces and not surrendering or compromising at any coast and loosing every thing one owes in favor of the truth.
As a matter of fact the tug of war between the truth and fake forces of the world is still going on and this war was their right from the moment of making of the universe and will remain till the very end of it.  Examples of Yazeed and Hussain have been part of history in every age and era and the clash between these two forces is a never ending phenomenon. if the pages of history are turned one would come to know that in every age their has been an example of Hussain and Yazid and in each epoch there has been an evil force like that of Yazeed and some one walking on the foot prints of Hussain had stood against but today the scenario is totally different and there are many following the traditions of Yazeed almost in every part of the universe   and almost the saga of Karbala is going on but there is no one to walk on the foot prints of Hussain, nobody is seen struggling against these evil forces as is the tradition of Hussain and the essence of Karbala.
At the international level violation of human rights is order of the day and the wealth, lives and even practices of small nations are at stake as the nations with more power have suppressed them and the Muslim countries are a good example in this regard where an assault on the basic rights is order of the day. If our country Pakistan is looked at one will come to see the saga of Karbala in almost all corners and from sixteen million almost fifteen million and half are suppressed and crippled. People’s lives are at stake, their rights are at stake and there is assault on their belongings but in this Karbala saga of the day no Hussain is seen defending the suppressed and the crippled. Hussain is a far cry but in today’s world there is not even any Hur leaving the ranks of the Yazeeds.
There is nobody to stand against the suppressers that have made lives of almost sixteen million no less a misery and those who were looked at or expected to follow the foot notes of Hussain have compromised and are sink into oblivion in the dust of reconciliation and negotiation and the last ray of hope is faded away while mass is blaming their twisted fate and jaded embellishment for all their miseries. the region of Gilgit Baltistan is of special attention in this regard as the rights of twenty lac humans have been snatched by a force which after a lapse of sixty eight years is not ready to give back the peoples basic rights instead its elongating and stretching the era of suppression and occupation.
There is no one to raise voice for what is true and their legitimate rights and this is the only region where there are none but the followers of Yazeed with its full strength in the absence of any single follower of Hussain. The caravan of Hussain is not let to gather and such notoriosity is done that no question of unity remains. The people here are deeply divided along sectarian lines and positive thought is never given a chance to grow and groom instead its nipped ruthlessly in the bud. Any character coming to the front regarding rights or anyone who raises voice for the suppressed is dismantles and brought to the court of Yazeed of the day.
Today Gilgit Baltistan is calling for this history of Karbala and these is the need of the hour to follow Hussain’s footnotes and stand against Yazeed of the time and in the true sense this essence of Karbala. If the mass of Gilgit Baltistan really want to make the character of Hussain alive they will have to strive for the mother land and evaluate themselves in the lights of needs of the hour.  The injustices of Yazeed were nothing but dictates and deprive mass of their basic rights and snatched their right of decision.
On this the opportunists went into the ranks of Yazeed, and some were brought as given benefits and a large population just kept silent and watched. their was only one figure who neither went into the hands of Yazeed nor kept silent and that figure was of Imam Hussain who not only said no to the illegal rule of Yazeed but also stood against it. Currently there is no hidden aspect of Yazeed of the time in Gilgit Baltistan. Those saying a yes sir are showered with reward and a lot of people are sitting by and just watching at the injustices.
There is no lack of people chanting slogans of Hussain but there is no one to stand against Yazeed. we talk of Hussain but are not willing to follow his foot notes, we are not ready to understand the logic behind the incident of Karbala or pretend not to be knowing if we have the slightest notion just because we are fear full of the Yazeed of the time. If we are true believers of Hussain then we need to put away the label of compromise. We need to come out of the shells of sectarianism and become one nation. We need to unite for the snatched rights and search out for Yazeed of the time and this is the essence of love and belief in Hussain

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