Changing Face of Recruitment and Job Seeking

Farman Ali Thara

Human capital is arguably the most treasured and valued asset of any organization, and it is primarily responsible for adding value to all other assets of an organization. So, recruitment is the one of key factor behind success of every organization.

Traditionally most of the employers are using recruitment channels like newspapers to hire the best talent by posting job advertisements. But the process of recruiting has changed significantly over the last few decades. The very word recruitment is a logistics nightmare for the HR of many organizations. It has been seen in this speedy changing world, that various sourcing recruitment channels, such as social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) have been developed and used, in addition to the traditional ones (advertisements, employee referrals, recruitment agencies), etc. When we talk In terms of cost then to hire an individual through newspaper / Third party means spending a lot in terms of money and time, as it involves drafting JD, requesting advertising agency to publish and then collecting CV, s so this method needs handsome time and efforts. So in today’s world, trends of recruitments are changing day by day. Few trends are listed below.

Recruiters are tapping into Social Networks

Being a recruiter in HR role means you have to deal with all above mention stuff and indeed it is a time consuming task. So in today’s world where people are interconnected through social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Most of recruiters are looking to hire a potential fit from such sources where they find easy access to the profile of individual candidate. So nowadays recruiters are tapping into Social networks for easy and cost effective recruitments.

Companies will leverage mobile hiring tools. 

With the growing use of mobile phones, an estimated 83 percent of job seekers use their mobile phone to search for job openings. Still, only 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies have mobile-friendly career sites. But this trend is going to change and more and more applications will be submitted via mobile phones. Savvy companies will understand this trend and shift some of their focus to mobile recruiting. This Scenario is implemented to very little extend in Pakistan, but in near future definitely it will find place in Pakistan as well.

What will Job Seekers do?:

Seeking a best Job here in Pakistan is getting tougher day by day as investment is showing bearish trend while competition is showing bullish trend. If every job seeker thinks that Facebook and LinkedIn is just for keeping up with your friends, then he/ she is missing out on a great networking opportunity. Believe me or not I got my first job through Facebook. So now there is need for every job seeker to look for better networking in his circles and adapt himself with the ongoing recruitment trends. Most of recruiters are maintaining their personal accounts on LinkedIn and even most of recruiters used to post different Jobs on their profile. So I suggest every individual job seeker to pay special attention to their social networking websites especially LinkedIn.

Beware of SCAMS

Every facility has its own merits and de- merits, so the same exists with social networking sites. There is need of greater vigilance and pro-activeness from Job seekers. As history is dumped with most these sort of scams. So think twice while commenting of following such post on social media and follow the professional recruiter’s and job posting sites. Good Luck

Contributor is an HR Professional hailing from Hunza, He tweets at @farmanhunzai


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