SRSP conducts training sessions on Disaster Risk Management in Chitral

By Fardad Ali Shah Sanik

Chitral: Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) under the Program for Poverty Reduction (PPR) conducted 12 successful training sessions for students, teachers and PTC members on DRM, School safety and Health & Hygiene in the UCs of Drosh 1 and 2 in district Chitral.

Chitral has been declared as disaster risk area and passed through different disasters for last few years, resulting in heavy loss of lives and properties.

 In Oct 8th 2005, Balakot, Bagh and Muzaffae abad (Kashmir) experienced fatal earthquake resulting huge loss of lives especially students because they were not aware about disasters, risks and risk management.

Keeping this situation in view SRSP planned to arrange DRM, School Safety and Health & Hygiene trainings for students and communities of UC Drosh 1 & 2 to minimize life risks. The students were theoretically and also practically shown how to minimize life risks and improve resilience of the students and general masses and identify hazards in their schools and homes.


The trainings were conducted in 6 schools of UC Drosh I and Drosh II each ( 3 Girls and 3 Boys Schools in each UC were trained and the total participants were 180 in each UC). Each training session was for three days where the participants were trained about Disaster Risk Management, School safety and Health & Hygiene and the concepts were cleared to the participants by giving first aids to the injured once practically.

 It was activity based learning to make the students well versed in different activities and ensured its implementation in their daily life.

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