Sat. May 28th, 2022

Pictorial – Chilim Josht Festival celebrated in Kalash Valley, Chitral

Residents of Kalash Valley celebrated the ancient Chilm Josht Festival. Gul Hammad Farooqi has compiled a set of photographs of the festival of colours celebrated by the custodians of one of Pakistan’s most unique and ancient minority civilizations.

The festive is marked by dances, songs and other rituals performed jointly by the few thousand Kalasha people living near the Pak-Afghan border. Their religion, culture and ways of life are threatened by a multitude of factors, including economic and technological shifts, along with conversion efforts underway by followers of different religions.

Elaborate security measures were in place to protect the Kalasha people who have been threatened in the past by militant groups


The Kalasha women wear colorful and very unique dresses, including head wears of flashy colors





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