Why just Shaati Day?

Roshan Bano

What about GBian women’s Cap? Calling GBian Cultural Cap Day as Shaati Day makes no sense, because Shaati is a feature of GBian Men’s Cap, and not GBian women’s cap. It has nothing to do with GBian women’s cap.

When we have caps for both men and women, then what’s the logic behind highlighting only a single feature, i.e. Shaati, which is not even common to caps of both, the women and men?
Highlighting or naming the day as Shati Day, that too by the government, is beyond any logic. This act, officially and formally, excludes and sidelines women from the GBian Cultural Cap Day Celebrations. It also undermines the GBian women’s cap, which is as much a part of GB’s culture, as men’s cap.
Please do not limit the day to GBian Men’s Cap only by calling it Shaanti Day; let it be known as GB Cultural Cap Day Celebration, giving space and recognition to both.

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