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“Gharikhomik” festival celebrated in Tero Valley, Ghizer

Gilgit: (PR)  One day local level festival, “Gharikhomik” was held at Tero, Ghizer on October 1, 2016. under the project being implemented by Hashoo Foundation (HF) in partnership with the Centre for Culture and Development (CKU). These efforts are being made towards reviving traditional festivals which are on the verge of extinctions.

Gharikhomik festival is the traditional festival and has been very famous in the past, it is celebrated at the time of bringing down animals from pastures in the end autumn season.

The traditional items, food stalls presented in the festival, along traditional song sung by Sheppard’s in time of bringing down animals from pastures in autumn season to celebrate the Gharikhomik. The theme of the song is to praise the effort of Shepard’s family.

The traditional culinary food “Makuti” presented in the festival, which is basically traditional cake made by the female head of the Shepard family. Neighbors are invited to share the “Makuti” and brothers take it to their sisters who are married and away from homes. Also traditional food “Gulmandi” presented in the festival, which is traditional cheese bread made from the cheese collected and made by female Sheppard’s in pasture.

The festival was attended by 2,000 local community members, government officials and enormous participation from the women of the area. Children also participated in the event and performed different role plays for the audience. During the day-long festival various traditional games were played and different musical dances were performed by local artisans.  The festival concluded with a wonderful traditional songs in Khowar were performed by artisans.

Chief Guest, Fida Khan Fida (Minister for Planning and Development, Gilgit-Balitstan) ,speaking at the ceremony, applauded the efforts of Hashoo Foundation and CKU and was of the view that such great work should continue in order to preserve the indigenous culture of Chitral and other regions.

Fida Khan Fida ((Minister For Planning and Development, Gilgit-Balitstan) presented award of appreciation to Hashoo Foundation on behalf of Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan for the great work in culture revival.

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