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Heli service for Gojal valley from today, says Humera Hamdani

Youngsters and elders staging a sit-in in front of the AC office in Aliabad, Hunza. Placards have been pasted on walls of the office
Youngsters and elders staging a sit-in in front of the AC office in Aliabad, Hunza. Placards have been pasted on walls of the office

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Aliabad, January 29: Responding to the protest and agitation of stranded passengers belonging to the disaster hit Gojal Valley, the GB government has decided to operate helicopter service in the valley from today. The announcement was made today by acting Deputy Commissioner of Hunza-Nagar, Humera Sayed Hamdani, while talking to a group of the affected people outside her office today. She said that the government is fully aware of the difficulties being faced by the people and all possible steps are being taken to reduce their sufferings.

Earlier, a group of commuters from Gojal Valley who are stranded in Aliabad for more than a week due to suspension of boat service, had staged a protest demonstration against the government. Several dozens of youth holding placards marched toward the AC office and demanded resumption of transport and other facilities. Yesterday, the protesters had presented a charter of demands to the district administration.

Affected people from Gojal protesting in Aliabad (Hunza) from Pamir Times on Vimeo.

The acting Deputy Commissioner promised that the students who were unable to take their examinations in Aliabad or Gilgit will be facilitated.

KIU accused of mistreating Gojali students 

Representatives of the Gojal Youth Forum have condemned the insensitive and callous attitude of the KIU administration. They have accused the KIU administration of giving step-motherly treatment to the students of Gojal Valley. “The students of Gojal are not backed by political groups so it is easier for the KIU administration to hush them and term their demands as irrational and illogical”, Mukhtar Jan, a member of the Forum told the media.

A representative of the KIU, in a press statement, had termed the demand for establishment of examination center in the disaster hit Gojal valley to be “illogical and irrational”. The KIU representative has said that the number of students is very small and they should take the exams in Aliabad. It is pertinent to note that hundreds of people, including students and patients, are still stuck in Gojal Valley , unable to cross the frozen lake, where boats have not been operated for more than a week.

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  1. can we ask the KIU representative about his comment of ” illogical and irrational” if a large group of students could not reach to the Examination centers due to blockage of road for long time in the disaster hit area, is illogical an irrational, but his position in KIU is quite logical, It is his duty to provide facilities to the students as they deserve.KIU is created to educate and facilitate the people not a police station to torture the people.

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