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GBLA Performance – 22 laws, 53 resolutions: Wazir Baig

The GBLA came into existence as a result of a Presidential order passed in 2009. Many people believe that the current assembly lakes the capacity to legislate on serious issues due to lack of authority, as well as expertise and experience.

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Gilgit, December 30: Speaker‚ Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Wazir Baig, has said that elected Assembly is legislating to project rights of the common people.

Talking to the press in Gilgit, Baig said that since its inception the GBLA has approved twenty-two laws and also passed fifty-three different resolutions on national and public interest.

He also said that there are proposals for amending portions of the Self Empowerment and Governance order 2009, already shared with the Law department.

It is pertinent to note that several of the resolutions passed by the GBLA relate to “thanks” and “praises” for President Zardari. Critics believe that the assembly has failed to live up to the promise of protecting rights of the people.

The scandal of the Mohsin Industries is  a recent example where the Chief Minister by-passed the assembly and awarded an exploration license to a dubious organization which is feeling the region four months after getting the licence, by laying off hundreds of people.

The deterioration in law and order situations despite of hundreds of discussions and “condemnations” by the assembly is also being taken as an example of the house’s failure to assert itself.

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