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Eid gathering in karachi: Speakers call to re-establish GISAK

Report by Aziza Numa

Photos by Gohar Aman

Karachi: Various student associations of Gojal held an Eid Millan party in connection with Eidul Azha celebrations at of Sultan Muhamad Shah School auditorium here on thursday. A large number of notables and students participated in the gathering and presented dramas, songs and tablos while a session of folk dance was also organized after lunch.

Addressing the gathering, Federal Drug Inspector Rehmat ulla Baig urged the students to get united and work together. He stressed re-establishment of the dysfunctional Gojal Ismaili Students Asosiation (GISAK) and said he hopes to see more student associations joining ands in the coming years. Azam Tajik who was presiding over the programme slammed Northern Areas Ismaili Students Asosiation (NAISA) and GISAK for loosing interest in student’s issues and said they had involved the respected institutions in dirty politics instead.

In the end presidents of all student associations involved in organizing the program joined hands as a symbol of unity and pledged to bring more student associations with them.

The program was organized by Ghulkin Students Association (GSA), Passu Students Association (PSA), Shimshal Students Association (SSA) and Khyber Stuents Association (KSA).

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  1. Dear Students community, the organizations like GISAK and NAISA and other fedrating units had a pivotal role in keeping intact all students across northern areas and chitral, helping them out in caeer planning, guidance and couciling, relsoving issues crtical to students not only in karachi but did splendid job in nrothern areas as well. Mr. Rehmat Ullah Baig and Mr. Azam Tajik rightly mentioned it as every body has such feelings in karachi. now viilage based associations must come under one umberalla and work for common interest and clean it from political dirties. thanks amir times for this update.

  2. Dear Ghulam nasir you write a wrong name of Mr Rahmat Ullah Baig His full and true name is sheikh rahmat ullah baig alvi and I hope the students enjoy the programme very very much.

  3. Dear Azam Tajik i 100 % agree with your great comments.Hummmm… Taj Sahib!!!! akir teer shi nisahne pay lege
    Dear Azam dont wry the dirty mind people are coming there end and the all region know them better what was therfinancialabackgroundnd the how the get the highestudieses so just wait.. for the time when the dirtpoliticianan will say there self yes we are the………

  4. The Eid shows that there is no unity in Gojal Organization where small village based organization have arranaged combinally with other organizations.

    The GISAK and Nissa has not more workable since last many years.

    Its right that the opinion raised by individual feeling about viilage based associations must come under one umberalla is fine but it should not be only workable for Eid Celeberation. There are many works on shoulders of young educated people to guide in right time not only in education but also cultural,social enviromnetal activities are needed for brain storming.
    Sharifullah Ishkoman Ghizar

  5. Many many Eid Mubarak to all Gojali’s living in Karachi and nice to see good get togather, the real example of unity.

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  6. This seems a great show of unity of the students and the Gojal community in Karachi. Any move that unites people and takes people beyond parochial village interests must be appreciated. Congratulations to the student leadership of Ghulkin, Passu, Shimshal and Khyber.

    Having said that, I wonder what has gone wrong with GISAK, which used to be the representative association for Gojal in Karachi?
    When we were in Karachi, we watched GISAK in high spirits, it also passed through many turbulances, but had the resilence to not only survive, but showed the energy and capacity to come back and provide leadership and served the student community to the best of its abilities.Even though we had many village-based and political differences and units, which the students took positively and worked with the slogan of ‘unity in diversity’.

    As Rehmat bhai has rightly stressed there is a need to re-organize GISAK, if it has become dysfunctional, as the report suggests.

    All the presidents of the various village-based student groups could meet and discuss how to make GISAK functional.
    Remember this is one good tradition and heritage of the students community of Gojal, which every generation of student must nurture and pass on in a good shape to the next generation.


    Amin Beg
    ex student/ex-General Secretary, GISAK (1988-90)

  7. Congratulations to the members of gulkin,khyber,passu &shimshal organization for arrange a nice program for the gojal people, but my point of view is that, this type of programmes should be arrange but for all who belongs from gojal, we shoud unite with each other and try to know each other, this is my request to all the senior members of their villages to give a plate form to us.

  8. GISAK, the only association representing Gojal, is dysfunctional and dormant from the last 2-3 years or more, every body knows this. Unfortunately the organization gave up even the only formality i.e. of changing the cabinet body after the tenure, which is usually one year, after its restructuring. I remember efforts of the current cabinet, which is now inactive, during their initial periods. There were so many educated, social, and active people involved in revitalizing and expanding the scope of GISAK beyond its traditional boundaries. They had put considerable effort in creating different wings e.g. Education, IT, Finance, Events etc., but, gradually lost pace and finish up at the grand musical program organized at The Aga Khan School Ground, if I am not wrong, and thereafter nobody witnessed any activity. The speakers have rightly mentioned that the organization has been involved in dirty politics, which was also manifested in the program cited earlier.

    Though, the success factors for GISAK have changed over the years. There was a time when people from Gojal were concentrated in very few areas and frequency of interaction was high. The leaders were devoted to the students’ welfare without any personal gain. But, it was unfortunate to see the symbol of unity splitting up in no time period. However, It is hard but not impossible to revamp this organization with the same spirit. The mechanism adopted by the dormant cabinet was very ideal and should be continued with new faces. All the village organization heads should be invited to give their inputs and suggest new ways to unite the students. Pamir Times can play a central role in this regard. The ex-students/ex-cabinet members can share their experiences and reservations on this forum and propose more pragmatic approaches for the future.


  9. salam to all of the readers of pamir times . i am the vicr president of psa ervy one has shared his ideas about gisak ,but the main problem is that no one comes forward no one is that much devoted to such activites .so first do then say

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