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“Notables of Hunza” demand creation of two separate district in Hunza-Nagar

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Gilgit, February 7: Hunza and Nagar have historically been two separate states and they have enough population and resources to be divided into two separate districts, a charter of demands on behalf of the “elders of Hunza”, shared with the media, reads.

The charter was read out in front of the Chief Secretary and Commander of FCNA at a ceremony held yesterday in Karimabad.

The charter further demands administrative reforms in Hunza Valley, calling for upgradation of Gojal to sub-division and establishment of two Tehsils in Shinaki and Sost.

The charter also reads that the people of Hunza Valley have been struggling to gain additional representation in the GB assembly but so far their demands have been ignored. “Ex – Prime Minister, Yusuf Raza Gillani and Qamar Zaman Kaira had assured the people of Hunza that an additional seat will be reserved for the valley in the GBLA”, the charter reads, complaining that the promise was not upheld.

They have also demanded rehabilitation of the people affected by the Attabad Landslide and the damming of Hunza River, calling for quick action, because “the IDPs are living in miserable condition”.

The charter also demands quick resolution of the issues being faced by the people of Mayoon and Hussainabad, in the lower Hunza region.

Resolution of the energy issues, transportation and municipality problems have also been demanded by the people.

The authorities have been urged to pay compensation to the people who have suffered due to expansion of the Karakoram Highway. The issue has been pending for more than five years.

Another major issues highlighted in the charter of demand pertains to staffing of the district departments and appointment of people on the basis of merit. They have also alleged that illegal appointments have been made in various departments, demanding cancellation of the appointments and initiation of an inquiry to unearth the irregularities, corruption and nepotism.

Charter of demand (Click to download)

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  1. It is a reasonable list of Demands by the elders of Hunza but I think they have not talked about the real issue of Opening the dammed Attabad Lake and giving the contract to CBRC from FWO.It must be the priority No-1 to all of us as it is directly and indirectly affecting the economy of the region. It is our moral duty to support the IDPs as well those who are stranded in Gojal as seen last week and last months, how many people suffered. All other demands are genuine and are not a matter of life and death at the moment. We must think about the pony track from Attabad Spillway to Gulmit for emergency situations as it was used in old times and now needs restoration work at some places.I respect the charter of demand by our elders but I felt better to prioritize and then struggle for their just rights

  2. One has to wait and see how the “notables” and “elders” react to the Gojali peoplez demand of a separate seat ….. all the talks of “united Hunza” are going to shatter … and we will not have to wait for that for too long :-p

  3. this is the genuine demand of Hunza people i am 100% agree wd this, our identity is Hunza not Nagar and rest of things about which above one said that when the people of gojal demand for another seat then u must know at the moment u have a seat. so what…if u deserve seat then u must have not only one u must have two or three seats but we have to unite and say for Hunza.

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