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Shabana Akhtar Death Case – "The nurse may have been killed and then hanged to stage suicide"

The district headquarter hospital (DHQ) is Gilgit - Baltistan's largest health facility, visited everyday by thousands of patients from all parts of the region. A Midwifery School and Hostel are also located in the building.

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Islamabad, June 2: The death case of Shabana Akhtar, a 24 year old nurse found hanging from ceiling fan of her hostel room in Gilgit, has taken a dramatic turn with the arrest of  a man named Nadeem Abbas, resident of Gilgit city’s Barmas ward.

Jarrar Hussin, a man arrested on suspicion on the basis of an unsent SMS found in the dead nurse’s cell phone, has been declared innocent and released after the police investigators found that all messages in Shabana’s cell phone had been prepared and saved by Nadeem Abbas, the man who had handed over Shabana’s cell phone to the police. Nadeem had told the police that he was in a “brotherly relationship” with Shabana and that she trusted him and shared her secrets with him.

According to Inspector Hafeez, the investigation officer, Nadeem Abbas had given Shabana’s cell phone to the police, saying that she had kept the phone with him (Nadeem) because people were threatening and harassing her. The police believed Nadeem’s version of the story and arrested Jarrar Hussain and two more people on suspicion.

Later investigations revealed that the entire plot may have been set by Nadeem to divert the investigators’ attention from the real crime. In light of the new scenario, the police has started investigating the case from a different angle.

Every year tens of girls are killed and their death termed “suicide” by families across Pakistan. The revelations of Shabana Akhtar’s death case shall serve as an eye-opener for the nay-sayers who refuse to believe that such crimes against humanity are taking place in Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. I appreciate Pamir Times’s selfless efforts towards such sensitive issues. These elements like nadeem and others should be brought to justice, hope police doesn’t show any Negligence in this case.

  2. We all are proud of Pamir times that interprets each and every single issue, and eloborate other useful information.However, regarding these issues especially women’s issues;everyone should think about these and try their best to provide their rights. It is the responsibility of each organizationto think about these issues and try to find out its solution….Hopefully, this woman will get her rights, eventhough she is not in this world….

  3. It’s very deplorable that an innocent under training Nurse had been gruesomely murdered in GB; an area where females are treated with utmost respect and care. Bravo to Police who is taking the case in right direction.

  4. Yup!!! I agreed with Hyder.I hope that the police will investigate till the end and show us the clear situation of this case……

  5. It is very sad news indeed. This shows the level of security and protection a working woman feels in our society. So many actors exploiting the vulnerability of women!

    I hope, like the reporter that criminals are apprehended so that women can come forward and seek justice next time they feel threatened. I also want to praise the police who have not ceased their investigation which is normally the case under pressure from influential people.

    But I think it is the society which needs to show a level of maturity and wisdom when looking at such cases. I do not know what direction this case will take but generally can a woman who finds herself in a vulnerable situation depend on society to protect and accept her? Is she not the first person to be targeted and judged and sentenced without trial? We, as a society must end this hypocritical behavior of shedding tears at such deaths when we know that only the lucky ones or girls from influential backgrounds escape exploitation at every level. We must ensure a healthy work environment to women. Until every individual starts accepting and respecting the working woman; we will continue to see these kinds of heinous crimes. It is not only about respecting women but the work that they do. In this case we have lost a nurse who had trained to serve the community. It is an irreplaceable loss!

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