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Ali Aman Gojali joins AKF – Afghanistan as Consultant on Culture

by Ali Rehmat Musofir

The famous singer and political activist Ali Aman Gojali has joined the Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan chapter, as a consultant for promotion of Pomiri culture. He would also work on developemnt of Wakhi and Kirghiz cultural festivals, capitalizing on his rich experience of the past many years. Cultural Foods, Folk Lores, Folk Games and music would be developed and marketed throughout the world to help development and promotion the region’s unexplored rich cultural traditions.

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  1. Congratulations and wish you the best for the future.

    Riyadh- KSA

  2. I congratulate lupyor Mon for joining AKDN Afghanistan chapter,as a consultant for the promotion of Pomiri culture.We have the guts to work at higher levels but the only thing is our committment and devotion to the assigned task.I hop that Aman Bhai will put his utmost efforts being an embassidor of our region.
    Great job
    keep flying
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. Very good news! Congratulations Ali Aman! Finally you succeeded in one of your missioins, as you had the utmost desire to work in Afghanistan. Hope you’ll enjoy your work positively.

    Hope you’d adjust yourself with the environment and work hard, honestly and with dedications.

    Please don’t forget to forget and ignor the unforgetable ones, as I personally have been observing some people forgetting and ignoring the unforetable ones with regard to their careers develpment.

  4. Welcome to Afghanistan,
    I trust, your vast range of experience, dedication, zeal and hard work would benefit the whole wakhi community in general and the wakhis living in Afghanistan in particular to conserve, revive and promote the unique wakhi culture.


  5. Dear Ali,

    Heartiest Congratulations on such a great opportunity and wish you best of luck.

    Warm Regards,

    Haider Karim

  6. Shabash Humro!
    Congratulations for getting new assignment. Good luck and best wishes for your future success.
    Sharif Khan

  7. dear Aman

    great to know;;;;; hope you will work on promoting wakhi music, instrument learning, poetry, drama writting, acting, etc,,,,,,,and i wish to have a plateform to learn these skills

    malan jon
    darbar sayien baba

  8. Congratulations Ali Aman Bhai,

    Wish you all the best with your new assignments in Afghanistan.


  9. Dear Kiryan, many many congrates for your to joine AKDN Afg. & professional development as well.

    Wish you all the best

    Ali and Zareen

  10. Ali Aman, Many congratulations for the good opportunity and wish you all the best for this challenging task. I am sure you will enjoy working in the beautifull Badakhshan as you might find it challenging at the begining with little resources available but believe me we saw a tremendous development in such a short time. Using satalite phone(Thuraya) was the only communication system a couple of years back and now you have cell phone/internet in Ishkashim and am sure must have reached to Wakhan by now. I still cherish the memories and hope it will be a good working experience for you as well.

    GA- USA

  11. nice man yaan help development and promotion the region’s unexplored rich cultural traditions.
    joining AKDN Afghanistan chapter,as a consultant

  12. Mon, congratulations for this opportunity. I am sure, your dedication and Mehboob’s efforts will bore fruite in the long term.

    Well done Mehboob for bridging the gap between two communties. Keep it up.

    Your sis,

  13. Dear Ali Aman Bhai,

    This is a great news. Congratulations for this achievement. I think this is becuase of your great interest and hard work for cultural development. You must be cherishing your contributions to language and culture especially since Music 89. Now think of something grand in Afghanistan and come with a project like Music 2009!

    Good luck

    Sultan Ahmed

  14. Dear zaqyor,
    congratulation , hope you will enjoy the job, keep the good work & preserve the unexplored culture & traditions of wakhan for the next wakhi generation.
    Thanks for your contribution in promoting our culture.

    Rahmat Karim

  15. Aman Bhai, Many congratulations !!

    Your vast experiences will definitely make a difference in exploring, preserving, promoting Pomiri Culture and in developing linkages with other neighboring cultures/traditions.

  16. Hi Loop Yor,

    Great stuff many congratulations on your new projects

    please send me you e-mail address…i would love to learn more about the area you are working now.

    Cheers Iman Melbourne OZ

  17. Ali Aman.
    great news about your job in Afganistan. hopfully, you will put more effort to reach the peak of your success.

  18. aslam-u-allukm warehmatullah
    Dear Ali Aman hunzai

    Congratulations lupyur gafch lup kusheei degari chis khabar
    koyui ki perseat yafar salam man solam

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