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Avalanches blocked Chipurson road

dscf0328by: Alam Jan Daryo

Hunza, Jan 29: The chipurson road is closed for all types of vehicular traffic since last three days due to avalanches near Raminj and Yarzirich forcing people to travel on foot to reach Sost town.

The volunteers and Scouts from Chipurson valley have started to clear the road as Government lacks any mechanism to assist the local community. 

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  1. hi dear lupyor (mother of Waki Bayds) dorya thankyou very mach 4 ur kind information abt chuperson.again thanks 4 ur good pictures we need to comnecate wd each other nd the live news.yours zaqyor tawakal

  2. This is not due to the heavy snow fall.because its snowing in all part of the Northern Areas and life is to some extent as usual , this is the result of our incompetent leader Ghazafar Saib,who told the Media that i have completed the metal road of chipursan and both (electronic and printed media) published the news without investigation,

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