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Karakoram University decides to suspend activities till March 2013

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Gilgit, December 15: Discussions were held today at the Karakoram International University to decide fate of the academic and non-academic activities in the immediate future. The syndicate members, reportedly, could not come up with a consensus decision regarding suspension of academic activities at the region’s only only center of higher learning.

KIUThere are unconfirmed reports about the university being closed till 4th of March, 2013.

The decision to close the university is being taken in view of the latest volatile law and order situation in the city which had its origin at the university campus.

The KIU management is fearing that violence might return if the activities are started soon.

The students of Karakoram University are perplexed by the closure of academic activities every now and then, on one pretext or the other. Weak management and indecisiveness regarding key

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  1. What a shame! Four months suspension is going to play havoc. What about the future of Youth who are innocent, Instead of making some stern policies. KIU needs to be a mature University now because there should be Societies for students which should directly be linked with Administration. I am in one of the prestigious Universities in Pakistan and we have active societies and they arrange different program and yesterday we commemorated Imam Hussain (AS) day. I have no words to condemn this action of unacceptable suspension.
    Pray for Peace all GBians.

  2. KIU shouldn’t be closed till march..! Please think about innocent student who are working hard at their studies. We strongly condemn the decision, we need exams to be held soon.

  3. KIU should punish only those students whom created this problem at the university instead of closing down the university for everybody…

  4. So sad to hear all these happenning but lives are also important so the managment also needs support in terms of providing the students and themselves. It might need further reflections and delibrations fora better decisions to be more creative cos closing for four months will not solve the problem. Our children will only lose their presious time. which should not happen.

    Safida Begum


  5. This is not a wise decision to close the university for such a long period as already the students have suffered a lot this year due to continuous sectarian violence. The University management should resolve such issues with GB Administration instead of putting the future of our students on stake. The religious based student groups must not be allowed to highjack the university.

  6. It is so sad to know about closing of the University for the period of four month, it seems a strong conspiracy of the administration and university management to put back the progress of the student for one more year. It is not a right decision in favour of students examinations, losing of their academic carrier and increase of financial burden for the parents.

  7. sub acha hai jes ka maan main jo hai wo kara gilgit rahna ka shear hi nai hai… kahen or ja ka bas ja k.i.u unvrsty…

  8. It is not a good decision to shut down the academicsIt is not a good decision to shut down all academic activities in the campus. Decisions like this will not stop the activities of these people. It’s my request form the management of KIU and government to impose a complete band on religious and political activities within the university.

  9. Once you stop the education system it gives the youth the chance to be apart of violence that is spreading in the area. I know many of you probably believe this is not true but it is more plausible then you may believe. Education and the growth of knowledge has never stopped even in war time especially during the first world wars. This is not only a mistake but a failure of the KIU board.

  10. Managements took this step to hide his negligence as we Pakistani forget such activities very soon

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