Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

SAC Chief Judge may discharge official business anywhere, CM statement based on “misinformation”

PT Report

Gilgit, January 6: A signed press note released by the Registrar of Supreme Appellate Court states that the Chief Minister or any other member of the executive cannot interfer in administrative affairs related to the judiciary and judicial processes.

The press note states that the “Court is closed due to winter vacation and as per notification a vacation Judge would be available at Gilgit during the months of December and February for urgent work in Chamber whereas the Chief Judge would be available at Islamabad throughout the vacations”.

The note further states that any “aggrieved party during vacation may, at his choice, bring an urgent matter before a vacation Judge at Gilgit or Chief Judge at Islamabad and neither any court work is done at Islamabad nor a regular case is fixed in Chamber for hearing at Gilgit.”

The press note further informs that Islamabad Camp office of the Supreme Appellate Court, Gilgit-Baltistan, is “only for administrative work [sic] during vacations”.

The statement concludes by saying that the Chief Judge may discharge his official business at any place other than Gilgit and no executive authority including the Chief Minister directly or indirectly can interfere in the administrative affairs of the Chief Judge or Judicial function of the Court.

It is pertinent to note that GB Chief Minister had yesterday said that he stopped the top job of SAC from running court-work in Islamabad.

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