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Records of GB Police stations being computerized and linked to headquarters

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Gilgit, October 19: Work has commenced on computerization of records available at the major police stations of Gilgit – Baltistan. The digitization of records will be followed by establishment of networks, to directly connect the police stations to their respective headquarters, as well as the GB police headquarter in Gilgit.

According to sources, the computerization of police data, including criminal records, is part of a broader strategy aimed at managing the vulnerable law and order situation in the region. The instant connectivity, which may not be quickly possible due to logistic and infrastructure issues, are likely to allow better management of the police stations.

The present government has take several important steps – doubling of salaries and announcements for establishment of women police stations in all districts, for betterment of the police department, which may ultimately lead to resolution of several social issues, while also improving the law and order situation.

While these important steps are being taken, many people criticize the police department for constantly failing to control the sectarian killings in Gilgit city, despite of availing better salaries and training.

Critics argue that the computerization of police stations may not bear the desired fruit because a very large number of the officers, SHOs and Mohrirs are not familiar with computers and other IT equipments and software.

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