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Community Leaders, Volunteers and Social Activists Rewarded by AKRSP

By Naeema


Gilgit, May 3: Presidents, managers, members and supporters of village organizations and village women organizations have played significant role in organizing and mobilizing rural men and women for the cause of socio- economic development.  

To recognize the services provided by the men and women community leaders and activists, AKRSP’s Gender and Development (GAD) Section organized an event on 24th May 2008 in collaboration with Pakistan Social Association (PSA) and United Northern Area NGOs (UNAN), here in Gilgit. The main objective of this event was ‘to recognize and appreciate the voluntary and long services of the community leaders and activists (men & women) in Northern Area of Pakistan’.  

In this regard, 35 women, from Nagar, Gilgit, Ghizar, Asotre, Baltistan, Hunza and Gojal, were conferred with Fatima Jinnah Award and 20 men were presented with Quaid e Azam Awards and Certificates.  

Women community leaders and activists from Gojal included Mrs. Mim Sultan, WO Prsident, Shahri Sabz, Mrs. Gul Dasta, President WO Khudabad; Mrs Dolat Begum, President WO Murkhun; Mrs Bibi Husan, President WO Gulmit Goz, Mrs Laila, Manager WO Ghulkin and Mrs Bibi Husni, President WO Gulmit Center.

 Mrs Bilques Beg, best teacher at Kashrot school, was awarded in the ceremony. Similarly the efforts of  Mrs Taj Hoor and Mrs Shamim Akhtar from Chalt Nagar, Mrs Tamina and Mrs Maryam from Hunza,  Mrs Hasina and  Mrs Sakina from Baltistan were also recognized and appreciated by presenting them with Fatima Jinnah Awards.

 Mrs Zubaida,Mrs Nusrat Begum,Mrs Shabnum Begum and Shagufta Begum from the newly created Astore district got the Fatima Jinnah Award for their services.

 The awardees belonging to Ghizar district – the valley of Martyrs, included Mrs Nargis WO President Gahkuch Paeen ,Kia Begum WO President  Nazber Paeen Pari Taus WO president Gitch Bala, Shah BegumWO President  Hamardass, Bibi Nigar WO activist Chatorkhand Centre.Roshan Nigar WO President  Sherqilla and Ms Gul Begum WO Manager Sherqilla.

 Male community leaders and activists included Mr. Muhammad Sirat, former president and manager, VO Khyber; Mr.Baktawar from Shimshal and Ahmad Baig, a blood donor from Gulmit who has donated blood to 15 people, so far. 

 Syed Yahya Shah, social activist from Ghulmet Nagar, was also presented with the Quaid-e-Azam award, along with Master Jan Ali, a famous singer belonging to Gilgit city.


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  1. First of all let me congratulate AKRSP management for arranging social workers conference. Really, it will contribute to boost up the confidence of community workers in the time coming ahead. I hope you have done your selection criteria according to your institution need and plan. However, I would like to add some points and could be helpful for such events. I have put few questions and add some expected answers in bullet forms.

    Why to Encourage Social Activists?
    • to enhance their potential and zeal for further encouragement
    • to attract other potential social workers
    • to set an example as role models in social work
    • any other expectations from them

    Which Field of Interest Area Could Be Included for the Award?
    • Capacity building of community leaders/workers
    • Agriculture
    • Education
    • Health
    • Skill development
    • Credit and saving (micro-credit initiatives)
    • Good governance
    • Gender and development
    • Village Infrastructure
    • Bio-diversity (nature conservation)
    • Tourism development
    • And many more

    What could be the criteria for selection of social workers/social activists for any kind of encouragement or award?
    • Length of service in the community
    • Commitment, performance and impact of his/her involvement for institutional development.
    • Existing workers or ex-workers of V/WOs initiated by AKRSP or open to all social welfare and community based organizations.

    What is the impact of their contribution in terms of sustainability?
    • The organization has clear defined roles/ TOR for membership
    • Democratic approach for the election/ selection for its general body/ management committees.
    • Bye-laws or TOR exists and practiced accordingly.
    • The institutions have transparency in financial discipline.
    • Accountability exists in the organization.
    • The institution has its own endowment fund in case of withdrawal of support from external supporters such as Government, NGOs etc.
    • The community feels ownership and ready to take responsibilities.

    My aim is not to dictate any one but feel my responsibility to contribute according to my capacity and wisdom.

    Sharif Khan

  2. congratulation mother for yours achievements , may God bestow his real blessings , .

    Muhammad Riaz
    Khudaabad Gojal

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