Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

Landslides wreck havoc in Baltistan


At least 42 people are reportedly killed and hundreds face heavy monetary loss as landslides and floods slash villages in Skardu and Ghanche districts of Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to details, at least 42 people were killed when landslide alongwith semi liquid debris swept away a large area in Qamran, a village near Skardu city. The dead bodies of five people were pulled out. Northern Scouts are engaged in searching the dead bodies at the site of the landslide which occurred on Sunday in Qamran and Ganchay. Five dead bodies out of 42 people killed were pulled out on Sunday while efforts were underway to search the remaining 37 people. Apart from Northern Scouts local volunteers are also taking part in the search, rescue and relief activities.

In another incident a massive landslide killed dozens and trapped hundreds of people and affected many more near Talees village of district Ghanche, five dead bodies could be recovered, while others are still missing.

On the other hand, three bridges and several houses have been destroyed due to landslide in Bashu area of district Skardu.

The historic ground links of Boonji were cut off as the Boonji Bridge was damaged due to the flooded River of Skardu.

The local administration has directed the people to evacuate to safer areas keeping in view the dangers erupted in Nomal, Jutal, Jaghlot Goor and several other areas after the flow of River Hunza was stopped due to heavy landslide at Rahimabad 25 Km north of Gilgit city.

3 thoughts on “Landslides wreck havoc in Baltistan

  1. This heavy rainfall and resultant GLOF an d Landslides in GB province once again reinforce the need to have an International Conference on GLOF,Landslides, Avalanches in GB province,so that we may take stock of the potential problem and draw up long term strategy to address them.

    The sufferings, the loss of life and property has been terrible. We just cannot let this happen year in year out.Please.

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