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Negotiations underway to free the hostages in Hunza – Nagar

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Gilgit, April 7: Members of the GB Council, GBLA, bureaucrats and some religious leaders are negotiating with the residents of Nagar Valley, Hunza – Nagar District, to free around 3 dozen people who have been ‘missing’ since April 3, the day a deadly sectarian riot broke out in the region.

Among the people held captive in Nagar Valley are two officials of the Hunza – Nagar district administration, including a Civil Judge and the District Health Officer (DHO).

The hostages are said to be safe and sound.

It appears that the people may have been taken into custody by the local people in reaction soon after the news of killings and hostage-taking in Chilas broke out in the region. It is pertinent to note that the residents of Nagar Valley, sub-division of the Hunza – Nagar district, had protected and safely returned around 35 Kohistani and Chilasi laborers working in the region, after the Kohistan carnage late last month.

Social leaders and common citizens across Gilgit – Baltistan have urged the elders of the Nagar Valley to cooperate with the government and ensure safe return of the people, as a gesture of peace and harmony, despite of being hugely affected due to the violence on KKH.

Common citizens of the GB region are also demanding of the GB and federal government to make the KKH and Gilgit city safe for the residents of Gilgit – Baltista, to ensure a peaceful environment in the region.

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  1. Where is the administration to release those people, why the government is not doing a clean-up in Nagar? How many days Anjuman e Imamia and TJI has kept those hostages in Nagar and government is negotiating with them what? There are AI and TJI training centres in Nagar, what AI and TJI is training in those training centres, if they not training how to kill Sunnis in Pakistan? More than 20 people hostage and where are the Shia Ulema if they want peace and why they not returning those hostages right away.

    They are demanding the government for alternative roads for them and more flights to Skardu but they are not agreeing or demanding for making peace in region. I don’t see a Shia Ulema calling for Peace and I see all the time bloodshed on their websites and posters with propagandas…

  2. I fail to understand why all of this starts just when the tourist season starts or is about to start? There are shias and sunnis living side by side even in December or January. Why does this mischief start in spring?
    Don’t you think the motive is to keep the people of the area poor and to sow the seeds of unrest, hatred against the country and dis satisfaction in general?

  3. People of Nagar are very peaceful people and they have proved it after the kohistan massacre. Anjaman Imamia is doing its level best for peace. After 18 shia muslims were brutally killed in Kohistan Anjaman Imamia played a major role for peace. A single suni muslim was not hurt in other regions and due to the role of Agha Rahat Hussain who said that a murder of a innocent huaman being is haram. They did protest but they were peaceful. You better look into history. Always peace is due to Anjaman Imamia. Have you forgotton all this??? The gift to shia muslims for being peaceful were anather 30 peoples deadbodies in Chilas and many shia muslims thrown into river alive, more then 50 missing. Is this Islam? You all fully support SSP. All the world knows they are hostile towards shia muslims and there manifesto is to shed the blood of Shia muslims as well as suni brailivi muslims. You took rally and protest for a man who is the head of a banned terrorist group. This is your role for peace? instaed of discouraging SSP you support them. Does only the Shias should move forward for peace? you dont have any role Abdul? cant the qazi give a fatwa in-order to stop killings of shia muslims?
    what did those passengers did to anyone. 3000 people attacked them. The huge number of people who murdered many innocent people shows your love for peace, brother muslims and your aims. The whole world knows who are terrorist and the people behind it in Gilgit Baltistan. All hostage people would be freed because shia islam does not allow bloodshed of innocence. Only its to show you all that they can be beasts like the 3000 people but they don’t because there religion bounds them and evil is not inhabited in shia muslims.

  4. From Jabir ibn `Abdullah. One day the Messenger of God picked up his grandson and kissed him while al-Aqra’ ibn Habis at-Tamim was sitting by him. “I have ten children,” said al-Aqra’, “and I have never kissed any of them.” The Messenger of God cast a glance at him. “If someone shows no compassion to people,” he remarked, “God will show no compassion to him.” (Muslim 30:5737)

    The Messenger of God said: “All people belong to God’s family, and God favors best those who are most useful to God’s family.” ((Jameh Saghir, Konuz al-Haqayeq)

    From Abu Hurayrah. The Messenger of God said: “There is a reward for serving any living thing.” (Bukhari 8:38 )

    The Messenger of God said:The cure for hard-heartedness is to put an affectionate hand on the head of orphans and to feed the poor. (Mishkat al-Masabih)

    From Humayd ibn `Abd ar-Rahman ibn Awf.A man came to the Messenger of God and said, “Messenger of God, teach me some words that I can live by. Do not make them too much for me, lest I forget.” The Messenger of God said, “Do not be angry.” (Al-Muwatta 47.11)

    From Abu Hurayrah. The Messenger of God said: “A strong person is not the person who throws his adversaries to the ground. A strong person is the one who contains himself when he is angry.” (Al-Muwatta 47.12)

    From Abu Darda’. The Messenger of God said: “No one will suffer any bodily injury and forgive it without God raising him a degree for it and removing a sin from him.” (Tirmidhi 3480)

    The Messenger of God said:God informed Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) that of all God’s servants, the dearest to God was he who was strong enough to take revenge and yet forgives. (Mishkat al-Masabih; Bayhaqi)

    Through Ahmad, from Abu Darda’.The Messenger of God was delivering a sermon. He said, “Whoever fears standing before his Sustainer shall have two paradises.” Abu Darda’ asked, “Even if he commits fornication and theft, Messenger of God?” The Messenger of God repeated, “Whoever fears standing before his Sustainer shall have two paradises.” Abu Darda’ asked a second time, “Even if he commits fornication and theft, Messenger of God?” The Messenger of God said a third time, “Whoever who fears standing before his Sustainer shall have two paradises.” Abu Darda’ asked a third time, “Even if he commits fornication and theft, Messenger of God?” And he replied, “Even in spite of Abu Darda’!’” (Tirmidhi 2369)

    From Muadh ibn Jabal.“Rejoice! I heard the Messenger of God say, ‘God, the Blessed and Exalted, said, “My love is due to those who love each other in Me, and those who sit with each other in Me, and those who visit each other in Me, and those who give to each other generously in Me.”‘” (Al-Muwatta 51.15)

    From `Umar. The Messenger of God said: “There are people among the servants of God who are neither prophets nor martyrs; the prophets and martyrs will envy them on the Day of Resurrection for their rank before God Most High.” People asked: “Tell us, Messenger of God, who are they?” He replied: “They are people who love one another for the spirit of God, without any mutual kinship or exchange of property. I swear by God, their faces will glow and they will stand in light. They will have no fear when the people will fear, and they will not grieve when the people will grieve. He then recited the Qur’anic verse: “Behold! Indeed, the friends of God: no fear is upon them, neither shall they grieve.” (Abu Dawud 3520)

    From Abu Hurayrah.Someone urged the Messenger of God, “Call down a curse upon the idol-worshippers!” whereupon he said: “I have not been sent to curse. I have been sent as compassion.” (Muslim 6284)

  5. the killing of innocent people in chilas is not act of bravery but act of cruel. but people must understand that shia people are not peaceful, i am not talking about nagar people alone, what is happening in Gilgit city? if you count death bodies in GIlgit you will find more sunnis killed. chilas killing is out com of gilgit incidents. why they killd chilasi men in gilgit? who killed? i must say that both Anjaman Imamia and Tsanzeem Ahl sunnat is involved in these killings. if ANjaman Imamia is peace full then who is killing sunnis in GIlgit????

  6. @ Majid, Abdul, Nasir. It will be a new history if the people of Nagar kills those who are abducted. What you guys think of 13 shia villages burned in 1988 and 111 people killed. I will minus this all, but the inhuman laskhar from Diamer and Kohistan and KPK burned all the mosques and 1000s of copies of the Holly Quran in these village. Who burned the shia mosques in chilas? who attacked gilgit in 1988, who were those crimnals who pushed shia out of villages in Juglot and Pari ? if you want to start the history from today, it is too late for you.

  7. کب نظر میں آئے گی بے داغ سبزے کی بہار
    خون کے دھبے دھلیں گے کتنی برساتوں کے بعد

    I would urge the youth, legal fraternity, journalist community, social activist and political workers to make efforts for bringing peace and harmony across the board. The menace of sectarianism is earning a bad name to our region. The ultimate solution to the existing plights is to bring the stakeholder on table talk and decide the future course of action. Secondly, we need to device strategy to say goodbye to the existing religious and political bureaucracy and alternative political cadre ought to be built for a permanent solution. May GB live long.

  8. Salute to Nagar people who rescued thirty five Kohistani when they killed 20 in Kohistan. Instead of praising their act we are trying to blame.
    Mr. Abdul you must be an educated person but your comment was really not a good one. I gotta be honest.

  9. The people of Nagar have proved that they are really peace loving people by keeping the hostages safe and sound although they could take revenge of the chilas genocide. It is not for the first time that the people of nagar are doing such a good job, they have many such good examples in the past.If we compare both nagar and chilas in this scenerio, we wil see that, it were nagarins who received dead bodies of their dear ones from chilas and other suni’s majority areas and at the same times they are nagarins who send their suni brotherens safe and sound to their respective areas. Opertion is and should be launched in the areas which are safe heavens for extremist and where incidents of genocide take place time and again, whyyyyyyyyyy clean up in nagar bhi??? Are they brutally killing passangers? Are they treating dead bodies in the manner that Hinda did?

  10. Bros..this is all because of our religion.. i think we should create a new one…I will name it “Gilgiti”

  11. realy the people
    of nagar and skardo are peace loving .they are follower of imam hussain .we believe in peace

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