Pre-emptive measures to avert terrorist threats in Gilgit Baltistan

Saira Begum

National action plan has been remarkable to crack down terrorism. The overall situation in country and particularly in Karachi is a great personification of this, yet the scourge of terrorism has not been terminated outright. It is believed that in the wake of operation Zarb-e-Azab, a great proportion of these terrorists have shifted to urban areas and reassembling their groups and identifying new targets to permeate their agenda. These terrorists’ networks are not only working to vilify Pakistan’s image but also endeavoring to sabotage peace, stability and economic progress. And, CPEC being the most promising plan for exponential growth in Pakistan, has already elicited criticism from rivals and it could be the major target.

Threats to undermine CPEC are obvious as rival countries have vehemently opposed the project in Gilgit Baltistan and proclaimed it unlawful since the fate of the region is yet to be determined. Terrorism threat to a particular community of GB is startling news since the region is the gateway to the giant project, and peace is the prerequisite to proceed it. This community is known for being the most peaceful and progressive community in GB. The real cause behind such threats is to discourage economic activities and magnify sectarianism in the valley, thereby security of the region must be the prime concern and crucial measures need to be reviewed with the purpose to forestall such threats, since telling people about the imminent threat is not enough.

The true implementation of NAP in the region is essential because it has been successful largely in other parts of the country. All the religious centers and mosques need to be cordoned off with security to not allow moving in any suspicious person during the time of prayers however people should not be obstructed from performing religious activities. Police also need to have detailed record of the non-natives settled in the area. Besides it is the responsibility of the people as well to identify any suspicious person they see in their localities. Such threats cannot be thwarted without cooperation so people need to cooperate with government and security forces to defeat any kind of attempt that could damage peace of the valley.


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