Nothing Lasts Forever

Adil Ashraf 

Ephemeral, temporary and transitory things!

Health, wealth, power, status, success, failure, work, relationships, sadness, happiness _ nothing lasts forever. These are all temporary things. Life itself is temporary. We are born and we die.

The good time and the bad time come and go; this is a cycle, never ending cycle of life. Everything (pleasure, misery etcetera) is bound to disappear after some time. It is a law of nature that nothing goes on forever.

Life is comprises of various phases. All the phases are transitory in nature. Therefore, if life is going well, be happy and enjoy this phase of life and remember that this phase of life eventually comes to an end and if it isn’t, also enjoy this phase and think and learn from this phase of life and know that even this phase will end.

The Quran says:

“And the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement” (6:32).

That’s life.

Therefore, we should play this game very carefully.

Live with positive attitude; with some purpose and goal; learn from past mistakes and go ahead with positive and clear mind. Not blame the world, parents, teachers, spouse, the economy and the government and even yourself. Try to learn from life, from difficulties, from the good times and the bad times. Be so strong that no one can disturb your peace of mind. Look at the good side of everything. Think only of the best. Raise your self-esteem by helping others. Go outside, find someone in need and help that person. Try to give without having getting anything in return.

And just remember the phrase: “… nothing lasts forever”.

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