Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Far away from my home

By Tashmin Hunzai 

 By Tashmin Ali

Home is like jannah where you are blessed with your parents; you are loved by them, you are given the most delicious food by your mother, the best advice is given to you by your father, lovely fights with your siblings.

We are so far from our families. We leave them for fulfilling their and our dreams, to make them proud. All of us never want to stay away from our dears, spending Prdes ki zindagi, which essentially means managing time for studies, tolerating 45° hotness in the summers, staying hungry when your pocket gets empty, crying for your family when you miss them badly, missing the food made by your mother in the hostels when you see hostel food for the first time and eating that food remembering the taste o your mother’s food having tears in your eyes.

This is what we all go through.

The most memorable moments are those when you cry hiding you head under the books, under your blanket, and you cry hard in the corner. You miss all the lovely seconds you spent with your dear ones and the most touching moment is that when your mother and father say we miss you (my father, Aski duvalila tevshoni, and my mother,  Beshalar zucha ja mama …… these words …

I don’t know how we learn with the time to stay far away from the lovely ones, knowing we miss them badly, want to see them you, want to hug our father and mother, and want to sleep in the lap of your mother and talk to your father. But, we learn to get over these feelings and emotions with time.

Our parents pamper us a lot. They don’t teach us to stay away from them, even for a day. They have to teach us to handle different matters without them, like how to solve daily issues, and how to remain brave and strong.

Dear parents!!

We love you, we love you for giving us a lovely life and we love you for giving us infinite blessings.

All you need is to guide us for the upcoming challenges. You need to make us learn how to handle things. You need to train us to survive in different places.

Dear students living away from families!! Just stay strong, stay motivated, learn to manage things. Don’t forget your parents, be with them always. They are the true guiders.

Have faith in yourself and handle your issues with courage and wisdom.


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