Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

The fire in Middle East


Political temperature is too high in Arab world. A grand alliance is going to be set in the Islamic country Saudi Arabia where around 42 Muslim countries are officially invited to make sure their presence. That almost going to become a collective force like “Arab Nato” against extremism and terrorism in the member countries. The core objective behind the development is to cob Islamic militants and integrate a religious narrative against extremism and terrorism among the nations. It’s a short and apparent motive of the alliance. Who supervise them…?  Is the figure to whom some clerics termed a gift of Allah on Arab (Saudis) and even he has been granted with special prayers for the blessings to supervise and guide alliance with success to its end, funny? Surprisingly, the clerics didn’t dare to pray a single time for innocent Palestinians and other Muslims victims in parts of the world, so far. His highness Prince Donald Trump is the chief guest in the Palace. It’s really fun and joke with countries involved in where a Non-Arab will patronize Islamic Alliance against the miscreants who actually been created by the members of this “Arab Nato” at different time and space. Whether it is Boko Haram or Al-Shabab, ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Jamat-Ul- Ahrar, Lashkar Jangvi and Jundullah and many other outfits operating around the world with different names and slogans. The questions arise, who finance and train them? Who nurtured them and brainwashed in stereo type thinking to convince ordinary people against others? Who have created ISIS? Who have created and trained Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Who have orchestrated and introduced Jihad-un-Nikkah in Syria and Iraq? Who have engineered Boko Haram in African countries? Who have launched Al-Nusra in Lebanon and Syria only against Innocent killings on the name of holy war?  Who have created Jundullah in Pakistan? Who have gathered youngsters to join ISIS from Pakistan? Who are financing and giving training the outfits and their training seminaries in all member countries of the “Alliance”? The last and least question is, who is above all and designed proxies in regions and allocate significant budget from its national budget? On the second face of the scenario, who is more suffered by terrorism and terror attacks by these extremists’ outfits? Are the victims states are officially invited in the Alliance? Are they not part of the Arab world more? The most victims among are Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq at some extent Iran now a days. Most irony, none of them being invited morally for more strong and serious steps should be taken against terrorists sincerely. I deserve to say, do it happen as when and how the Alliance would take measures against India on the relentless killings of citizens in Kashmir or against Israel on ruthless shootings of Palestinians? Will the same body encourage to advance their hands in support of Muslims brethren in Bosnia and Burma? If it done, then all these questions and reservations will go vain…Bravo! But quite sure it never be like. Because they have no prestigious status in true meaning among the masses but truly a group of thrones and thugs just to wage wars and sale their weapons. There are many other reasons that depict their true intentions. First their objectives and targets are entirely ambiguous and unpublicized yet. Second, many of the members themselves badly involve in terrorism and terror attacks into neighbor countries. Third, the Alliance (so-called Arab Nato) is primarily based on the intentions to give maximum guarantee and security for the host Kingdom at every cost. And most probably the alliance will be pushed into Yemen to wage most offensive strike on Yemenis in order to revitalize their puppets who all time care of kingship. Nothing is constructive behind all the mess except proxies and destructions against others in the Middle East and some part of the Africa as well.

Its crucial time for Pakistan to prove its stand and safe sovereignty in serving with dummy and evil Alliances which most probably be used against some specific Islamic countries or groups. More likely it will hurt feelings of none alliance nations and jeopardize Muslim unity that ultimately will put them on fire. This is what his Highness Prince Donald Trump wants to sow the rift and hatred among one Ummah, on the belief “Divide and Rule”.

Beware! O, brother Muslims this not going to be a sincere, true and positive development now in Saudi Arabia. It will never be happened an “Arab or Islamic Nato” with having such narrow and ambiguous objectives but sure enough to be a “Puppet Nato or Saudi Nato” only for kings and prince in the entire Arab world. The alliance contains nothing related to infrastructure development and administration reforms in the member or war torn countries but except some vested interests that are on top to achieve at any way and cost.

There are no such economic, education or technological MoUs in points. It would be better to give them weightage among others to make alliance priority to fight against illiteracy and poverty in their respective countries.  Of course, we have already a dysfunctional and puncture body “OIC”  ,for handling the political disputes and adjustments, that needs to be active more instead establishing one more dummy and proxy Alliance. Please don’t mislead the people.

The contributor is a PhD Researcher in Energy Management, based in Shanghai, China. He belongs to District Nagar. 

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