We owe it to our parents!

By Furqan Ali

My mom told me that my first reaction, gesture, on birth was that I cried. A loud cry! My relationship with my parents didn’t start on the day i was born; it started the day she started nurturing me insider her womb.

I believe my father was very excited about my birth. My mother started buying clothes months before my birth. They prepared to celebrate my birth.

This isn’t just my story. All of us can relate to it. And the story of love, care and protection starts the day we are born. Prayers for good health, preparations for bad times, and efforts to keep us healthy, happy and prosperous commence on the day of our birth, and become the lifelong goals of our parents.

From dawn to dusk, they work, in their own way, without caring for the scorching sun, or the chilling snow, many a time risking their own health, and life. They conceal their afflicts, and brave all the ails, to reduce our sufferings. Their’s is a life dedicated to sacrifice. Our mothers know our troubles, without us telling them. There’s something divine about a mother’s relationship with a child.

Times change, as we grow.

Our urge for independence, and our hedonism, pushes us away. We tend to ignore, or ridicule their advice, and turn a blind eye to their needs and cravings. Most of us, if not all, don’t reciprocate the love and care that was bestowed on us, unconditionally.

We tend to forge that sooner or later we will also become parents. Will we be comfortable in getting treated by our children in the way we treat our parents?

This is a question for us, the youth, to reflect upon.

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