Our ignorance and negligence is responsible for Ozone depletion

By Raja Hussain Rajwa

Allah has declared humans as the most superior creature, and the human being is blessed with intellect so that he/she can distinguish the good from the bad. Man can use his vision to know all the dangers and uncertainties that lie ahead in his future.  This piece of writting is on an important topic for the public to make them understand, which is very important and not even an ordinary person is aware of it.This is an important issue with some requests for my column readers.In order to protect it, we have to pay for our social responsibilities, as well as mentorship.
Naturally, there is a layer of gas in the atmosphere around the Earth called ozone layer. This layer shields the entire earth from ultraviolet radiations that comes from the sun. Without, this layer in the atmosphere it is very difficult for anything to survive on the earth surface. Ozone layer also called ozonosphere, region of the upper atomosphere, between roughly 15 – 35 Km ( 9 – 22 miles) above earth’s Surface. Containing relatively high concentrations of ozone molecules (O3). Approxmately 90 percent of ozon occurs in the stratosphere, the region extending from 10 – 18 km (6-11 miles), approxmately 50 km (30 miles) above earth’s surface.
Ozon depletion is a gradual thinning of earth ozone layer in the upper atomosphere caused by the release of chemical compounds chlorine or bromine from industeries and other human activities. Ozone depletion effecting the human health and enviroment negatively, as it allows the penetration of Ultraviolets to reach the earth, these radiations can cause several diseases, this can cause skin cancer, eye demage, genetic mutation and many more.The last few years have seen the collapse of this ozone layer because of our own carelessness.The whole world is well aware of its dangers, but no precautionary measures are in place. It is possible to protect it, we must determine our responsibilities.Environmental pollution is the leading cause of ozone depletion, it needs to be adjusted to control environmental pollution.
US chemists say ozone depletion can disappear in 75 years if appropriate measures are not taken, now we need to think about how dangerous it is.The rapid development of the world has brought many countries to the forefront of developing countries, where they have had irreparable effects on our land.The gas emitted from our factories converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide combined with oxygen in the atmosphere.Carbon emissions are extremely harmful to us and our land, and they also have negative effects on ozone.Various investigations in the 1970s found that toxic gases in man-made compounds were destroying the ozone layer. Destruction means the loss of fat or the breakdown of its fat. In 1974, US environmentalists highlighted the need for awareness of the ozone layer.If the ozone layer collapses, not only will global temperatures rise dangerously, but all glaciers will melt.
September 16 is celebrated around the world, including Pakistan, as the World Ozone Protection Day.Just celebrating World Day won’t be enough, strategies need to be made to reduce environmental pollution. Industries, automobiles, smoke emitted is main cause of  environmental pollution. In this regard, the government should provide proper transport to the public so that people can reduce unnecessary use of vehicles. And the industry should be obliged to refrain from releasing unnecessary smoke۔ We must work for our next generation to make it easier for them to live, That they may pray for us even after we die.Elsewhere, their lives may be in danger because of our negligence.This is not a joke, but the question of human survival, that we all have to responsibly carry out our responsibilities so that our future generations will be prosper.

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