The power of mind

Maqbool Alam

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time, with every person.” quotes  Bob proctor, in “The secret” written by Rhonda Byrine. The fact is known as the law of attraction which in brief is conceptualised as like attracts like.

This little piece of writing though simple in context is my analysis on the broad concept of the law of attraction, and a realisation to those who dream big. Young generation (Youth) will be my prime focus.

Journey from imagination to the achievement has a key relation to the aforementioned law that plays a vital role there. Whatever we think it becomes reality at the end of the day according to the Mike Dooley that “Thoughts become things.”

Thoughts are magnetic and thoughts have a frequency. As you think thoughts,  they are sent out into the Universe and they magnetically attract  all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source__you. What I believe is that a thought revolving round the mind for time and again pushes you to take step on it. Infact, thats the transformation of aspiration into action. In other words, this is the gradual menifestation of one’s dreams into reality. One thing should not be out of place to discuss here that law of attraction demands to never divert the direction of thoughts. It means to remain straightforward.

Question arises that at what position we stand today in a particular aspect of life? That aspect can be academics, culture, religion or social behavior. At whatever scale we stand today is because of our focus, passion and interest in that specific area. If we pause and think for a while we will come to realize that our condition today is only because of the accessive and rapid thoughts we thought some months or days ago. One commits crime because he develops thoughts in his mind. One becomes a legend because he always thinks of becoming so.

Possibly, one may argue of those unable to reach thier destination despite having a dream, aim and curiosity in mind. For those there is problem with the mind not with the law. The reason is that the waves emitted were not constant. Though they were being emitted but in an unusual and variable manner. In other terms, the person was doubtful. Sometimes he showed zeal and hope that encourged him to work and sometimes a doubt and mistrust that held him back working on his dream. Since, the imperative conditions for the law to exist are hope, consistancy, perseverency, believe, optimism and essentially the action. It is because one destroys the direction of smooth waves going into the universe by bringing in the negative thoughts.These negative thoughts may comprise losing hope and confidence, complaining about the environment you live in and the challenges you face. With the passage of time the negative thoughts nullify the affects of the positive ones consequently giving birth to a destructive situation. This holds the person back. It all happened because of your ownself. “There is no one in the world to stop you doing big axcept one and thats__ you.” says Sandeep Maheshwari.

It is my hobby to interview people whom I consider as inspiration  personally. Two things are common in them as far as I infer. Firstly, they had a passion to do something from the early age of their life. Secondly, they believed in law of attraction. That whatever you think, whether it is morning, noon, evening or night, that attracts you towards itself very soon. Subsequently,  it becomes part of your life. The same opinion was put forward by Plato in 390 BC. that “likes tend towards likes”. Which many scholars described as, the aim you are more concerned with should always be there in your mind.

One cannot deny the fact that once it becomes a part of one’s life then it goes on flourishing whether it is happiness, love, hate, pessimism or optimism untill and unless the way of thinking is changed.

To sum up, It is a universal law. It is impossible that a person feels good and at the same time has negative thoughts in mind. Experience is the outcome of thoughts. Love and happiness is experienced when there is a feeling. Wealth and health is experienced when there is feeling. Goal is experienced when you already see yourself at before you reach.

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