Mothers day

Rizwan Karim

Women has a special status at every stage of her life, as a daughter, as a wife and as a mother. Rumi in his poetry considers women far more powerful then men, and he describes this power by calling women as second creator. Women are most respected as a mother not only within her family but in the whole society. A mother’s love and her sacrifice starts even before the child is born and continues till her last breath. A mother cares and loves her children at every stage, it doesn’t whether her child is a winner or loser, a criminal or a drug addict, she still cares and loves her children.

Once my mother was too tired to make herself a cup of tea and she asked me to make it for her, and I refused to do so. And I left the house after almost two or three hours I returned to home. As I entered my mother told me that she had made tea and fries for me. I ate that without feeling slight guilty. After an hour or so I felt like I had done something wrong and I felt really bad about the whole situation I went upto my mom and  I apologized for my behavior, my mother looked at me and hugged me and said that if she would have known that I will spent even a single moment thinking about all that, she would have never asked me to do anything for her. The she said all this was really shocking for me because if it would have been someone else, then the reaction would have been totally different. I felt the love of mother, and I realized that a mother love is unexplainable and her care for her children is never ending and unconditional.

A mother cares and love her children when they need them she care for them when  they reject her and she care for them when they are not, she sacrifice her every bit of happiness for her children. Respect and love your mothers and on this special day atleast be thankfull to them for what you are today. Because they are the second creator of you.

The contributor is a student of UET,Taxila.

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