“The Right No”!

Sharif Wali Kharmangi

“Next to trusting in God, trust and rely on your own strength which is also from him”. These are the words from an iconic personality known to the world, Imam Khomeini.

The theme of recent super-hit Bollywood film “PK” focused on religions of the world. It is really an awesome movie that depicts the wrong perceptions of people who advocate some religion. Truly, the religious authorities present their personal will and wish apart from the main spirit of the religion being followed. We came through countless problems by the people of the world everywhere, every time. There is no solution we can see, nor in the past, neither in coming future. And the present is no more than a hell for common people, economically, politically, and even every aspect of life. Although every small and big religious authorities claim to have the only solution of all problems in following the religious rules being followed by him, still there is something wrong indeed, as no one guaranties for that, neither we found any proof in practice.

If we see in the near past, there had been so many revolutions the world came across, like Cuban Revolution 1952, October Socialist revolution 1917, Chinese revolution 1949 and the transformation of the uni-polar world from bipolar one. Among all, the biggest breakthrough that made the thinkers of the world must think again and again, has been the great Islamic revolution in Iran by an iconic and revolutionary Hazrat Imam Khomeini, widely admired for his astute idealism, on Feb. 11, 1979. It was not only for the revolution by an Islamist school of thought, but its impact by crushing the heavy imperialist doctrine continued from a long, strongly backed and supported by the western strongholds that ruined the humanity in WWII, WWI, and every time they got some reason to. How it was impossible to change the mindset of that country can only imagine by the people who’ve seen that era. But as far as the history briefs, its really no less than a miracle.

Sometimes, we came to listen from people talking about the revolution, that its not so big deal to have such change and impose a new system for the society of religiously same belief people. They must go to study the crest and troughs while trying to survive in the initial 15 years of the revolution. If we compare it with the foundation years and progress of Pakistan, our history is clear how and why were we unable to survive without the memberships of SEATO and CENTO. In the very beginning years of independence, our political destabilization was in such a joke that the then Prime Minister of our opponent country India Mr Nehro once said, the changing governments in Pakistan is more frequent than I change my clothes. Although the formidability of us was so tiny compared to that of Iran. Just after very few times, the whole cabinet including the Prime minister were  slaughtered in a bomb attack, the 8 years long war with Iraq, imposed by the western and Saudi’s, the formulation of new constitution, etc. All of these had been possible to see done by miraculous guidance and firm belief of the Leader of revolution.

After 68 years, our state has the popular and renowned army, intelligence agencies, and the most we are the 7th big nuclear power of the world, still we are the most sucked and crushed off by the unstable governance and everyday born terrorism and extremism. At the other hand, just after 36 years, the Islamic revolution is shining brighter, along with facing sanctions, political and military sanctions by the world powers. The European countries, USA and UNO is now negotiating with the interests of Iran, not because of any other force, rather they have admired the power of determination by the Nation of Iran under the leadership of the leader of revolution, Imam Khamenei.

The success of a revolution or of a nation is not only for governing for a long time, neither only providing people what they want, rather having a dignity and proud among the nations of the world and the firm belief and true heavenly knowledge that outlasts in the minds of the people forever, all of these are proven by the revolution practically and expressed in the decrees, sermons, speeches and books of the father of revolution with which he lead that nation. Once the Leader said about the true spirit of Islam, which was supposed to have no business with politics before him, “Anyone who will say that religion is separate from politics is a fool; he doesn’t know Islam or politics. Islam is politics or it is nothing.”

So, in real sense, the only “Right No” of the contemporary world is the belief, with which the Great Islamic Revolution came into exist, persists with a dignity, and continuously proving its glory and becoming a model to the common people and the only hope and shelter for the oppressed people of the world more and more with the passage of time.

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