Who am I?

By Maisam Kazim

I am in a state of confusion. I am in incertitude. I am obstinate, desperate, unbending, and inflexible. I am rigid, stubborn, and satirist. I am furious, aggressive, and intolerant. I am fatigue obsolete and directionless having unpredicted and unexplored visions that makes me out of my soul by flinging the curtain of irrationality over my rational instincts. The unfounded and fallacious believes of societies, individuals, nations and misinterpretation of religions, have indoctrinated the false concepts in me and transformed me into a bias, prejudice, leaning and bigotry soul who thinks for his supremacy.

Almighty God, carpeted this land for all, who possess lives, all have the authority to live and complete their life cycle. Almighty distinct human beings from other creatures but He never distinct human within themselves. Allah sent me as equal in the world as others. He loves me, more than anyone in the world and hereafter. He is Rahman and Rahim, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Even in my delirium mind, where my imaginations cannot reach he is there, He is present every there about my senses cannot think of. Even I am confused that either where I think, I am, is there actually living I, but in this perplexity of mind and states, in this confusion of whether I am here or somewhere else, He is there, ubiquitous. He is in my consciousness and sub consciousness. He is in, about what I think is real. He is present there, that seems an illusion to me, in my confusion in my confidence, in me, out me, to where my sight strikes and to where it cannot reach, He is there, and why so, because He is God, He is sovereign, He is just and He is truthful, who has prohibited me (all individuals of the world) to be disunited. He demanded me to be kind, loyal and beyond distinctions. He never permit me to assassinate people on the basis of their ideologies, sects and ethnicities. Allah has blessed every creature, and so me, with some qualities, some sort of space, that could be a cause of encouragement support and guidance and that entices others towards this highly sophisticated features of being human. He has never made any of the creature to be a cause of betrayal and harm. Let me inquire my mystified mind that is being deprived from the consciousness of enlightenment and in an uncertain situation of circumstances. Why I have been classified in different categories? Why I have been fostered to be a dogmatic rather than pragmatic? Why am I so apathetic towards other religions, sects and ideologies? Why am I ready to slaughter anyone in the name of factions and differences? Why am I very sadistic?

I am an ordinary human just like others, I have similar desires as others, and I need food, shelter, and education. There is a pulsating heart in me that senses pain. I bleed the same color as others. I have a mother who suffers when someone massacre me. She is a mother just like yours, who begged you from Almighty God, who cries for you, who can never even see a little scar on your body, who is always praying for your safety. Then, why hundreds of people are being killed in the name of religion and other dissensions?  How can I drain the blood from a living being? If we focus on self-purification and self-correction instead of modifying others and scrutinize the root cause of this tumult instead of getting furious in name of sensitive issues, we will be known as pious and pity human beings.

Open eyes, hear the unheard, focus on reality, come out from mystic visions and dominate obscure thoughts. To know who am I? I need to explore myself, to do self-catharsis and to overcome the stereotypical hypothesis that provokes me to be a fanatic. Once I unveil the darkness that resides over my conscience, I can veil the dissemblance among us and can overcome the dubiety and anxiety that is dominating my soul, my visions and keeping me away from awareness. Love yourself listen your instinct, be patient and see things in other prospects then you will come in state to answer the question ‘who am I’?


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