Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

But, Pakistan Has Aces In The Sleeves… !

By Naveed Saleem

Though its utterly natural, its usual and its conventionally normal if I am asking for something from someone who is debtor to me, be it money or else, I would demand, I would claim, I would remonstrate, and  everyone will, for its not a sin, for its not against the laws, for it does not despise or abhor anyone, all because its my right; my right to catechize and question for what actually belongs to me, I would proclaim, and so did trump..!

Isn’t the acceptance of universality lies in asking for the debt that falls on someone else? I wonder why people here in Pakistan are grumbling the harsh detestation out of their hearts to trump, why are people fulminating, condemning, denouncing and dispraising trump with the extreme loathe that is visible to the eyes in the very first sight. It is akin to self-deception, if I am defending something with an altercation of argumentum that is merely a pretension, wrapping my trepidations and my insecurities with a frangible aplomb that will leave me of nowhere. Well, as far I am concerned, I am thankful to trump for his utmost financial assistance and security aid, my utmost acclamation to America for being there always for Pakistan, reinvigorating it financially; for I am not at least a treacherous creation. As for I know myself, and as far I know the innocence of humanity, I say my words that, no one will owe anything from anyone if he knows that he later will not be able the pay it back. The question that arises here why did Pakistan, despite knowing, it could not credit it later? even my mouth cannot  afford to utter A THIRTY BILLION DOLLAR.

The book confessions of an economic hitman speaks of Americas machinating conspiracy. The author who himself was a hitman, a conspirator, unveils Americas hitman policy. The book says about how this policy ensnares other countries, lending them desired debts, and making them so much financially and economically depended on this American assistance. And a time comes when these countries become so much frail and weak that, they could not return the debt, and fell very deep in to the dark well which has already been dug by America; the country that knew these searing and annihilative consequences very well, while it had started lending money. Here America leaves these countries with two choices; either it demands from the country to remain loyal, or pay the debt back. And by loyalty it means that it should tolerate American infiltrations and interferences in its personal matters, that simply takes the shape of drown invades, raymonds case and many other iniquitous super-impositions. I am referencing this book just to put into words, what America has done with us, to which we are not known. but still I am not criticizing America, for me, the fault` is again of the countries who fell a prey to these policies quite innocently.

Followed by the trumps tweet, Pakistan took its turn efficiently and announced to cease the routes for US infiltration in Afghanistan. The war which has been possible only through these routes are now been clotted well to ensure an as you sow so shall you reap response on trumps tweet. it has been highlighted by US reporters that, this will increase the cost of war to more than ten times, as the alternate route to re-exercise the war in Afghanistan will meet a high-end being ultra-expensive, the aftermath of which, will possibly collapse Americas economy, more than it does pakistans, if US ceases security assistance and US AID. So it is easy to assume that, Pakistan has left America with two choices, either America should give up war against Afghanistan, or it should again call for a mutual cooperation with Pakistan, re-issuing the aids and security assistance, requesting Pakistan to open the gates again. Pakistan is blessed with the best geographical alignment, that always compelled countries to bow down on their knees, though it is economically devastated, still it has the potential to put forward compulsion to US, twisting its arms and duress them to surrender. Pakistan has shown its cards in the best possible occasion, to which Americas has nothing else but a deep dense silence.

The contributor is a student at GC University, Lahore. 

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