Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Divisions only lead to more divisions

Junaina Afzal 

Divisions only lead to more divisions. Shams of Tabriz narrated in one of his forty rules of Love which is the root of all concerns to the human race. Division, this black spot has remained a phenomenon of human behavior. We can clearly see the humanity divided in whatever perspective from the beginning.

Let’s look up for the examples in the past, at every prominent incident we suffered and got the rotten fruits of divisions whether it was after Jesus Christ’s (peace be upon him) death or Hazrat Muhammad’s ( Peace be upon him) demise. Seeing this a person questions oneself that if Humans were created to be divided or has it became a man’s instinct now? The answer is ‘No’. An infant when born is free from such disunions. We, the people, the society preach them into these dissensions.

The Rich the Poor, the White the Black, the Catholic the Protestant or the Shia and the Sunni all such categories that have been developed throughout time are the consequence of human nature who thinks of his ways as justified who view himself supercilious and ultimately the other appears to him as some kind of lower beings, fallacious. There remain no room for putting into question their own selves, their own beliefs which indulge them in to what I must say the superiority complex. Especially the affair of religion, which are featured by the so called religious fatalist to carry out none other than their own negative ambitions and all those whose appetites get fill when people rush for the blood of one another.

Dissimilarities and contrast always exist but division does not always have to result because there is no end to these detachments. These discords will end giving rise to more discords. The object of this discourse is that one begins to think of divisions that we ourselves have perpetrated is of no use. It is solidly pushing us toward ruination. As Tom Dascle, a former American Senator says “What we need is not more distrust and divisions. What we need now is Acceptance.”  So what we have to do? Tolerate differences and highlight similarities.

Unity holds more potential and competence than isolation. Assuming a world without differences is not achievable but this is a reality that if we have five differences there are five hundred common points to which everyone will agree upon but despite the certitude we are slaughtering each other and becoming apathetic and indifferent just because of those few imbalances. Isn’t it ridiculous? Allah Almighty has created us as the superior beings to serve humanity and not to create disaffections. One thing we must do care about is that we should not be too certain and so sure about the objects or the matters we don’t have enough knowledge of otherwise it will dig us down into the hole of which depth is unimaginable and will create more resentment in us. At least we would be able to liberate mankind from the cage of disruption.

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