Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Big Data Companies

Amna Gardezi & Fahad Ali

What actually is Big Data?

It is so voluminous and complex form of data that traditional data processing software is inadequate to deal with the challenges posed through it

Now, we have got some idea about BIG DATA; but we don’t know as yet which form of data is actually big data. Curiosity?

You would be surprised to know that BIG DATA actually is our social media applications…………………

PLAY Store, App Store these are the two culprits from which we download all applications Facebook commonly known as our beloved ‘’FB’’, Instagram,  Snapchat, Twitter and you name it . It all actually works with BIG DATA.

Now, a question must be rising in your mind what big data has to do with these apps or what these app have to do with BIG DAT., the answer to this question is that, these applications steal our data, store id, our searches, our sharing our file transfers, visualization querying and most importantly- our PRIVACY.

There is no doubt that these apps can be used for good and be harnessed for the betterment of society but the sad reality is that they are ABUSED, not only by users but by the founders as well.

These applications are now-a – days used for spotting business trends, preventing diseases, combating crimes and so on. But due to the UGLY side of these applications many people including scientists, business executives, practitioners of medicine, advertising agencies and the government is regularly meeting with difficulties and challenges.

The reason behind this is that these apps have become a very hunting ground for identity theft.

According to a report of CNN 85% crimes alone take place due to unlawful use of these applications. There are FRAUDSTERS sitting everywhere which not even rob the money but they also harm them through their data sharing and hacking and misusing the accounts or profiles. Every now and then people encounter such issues.

In past, personal and professional life was different but now due to unnecessary data sharing people are finding difficulties is getting jobs also, because an employer can easily access the personal data of the employee and their private life or personal data which otherwise they would have kept private is easily accessible.

What’s next? Now when we demand from social media owners to create stronger privacy protection they take it as if we want them to cut in their profit.

Social media basically is a modern Enslavement. Every single user is captured by it. The researches show that the effect of social media on human brain is similar to the effect of addictive drugs. Humanity is being enslaved through these big data companies. We have become addicted to them, we waste our HOURS upon HOURS doing nothing, which if utilized properly can be of much benefit for us as well our beloved country Pakistan.

They have chained us but the chains aren’t something which can not be broken. We can break these Chains of Slavery and use social media for our welfare and we should make a routine and restrict our time on screens, which is known as SOCIAL MEDIA-DETOX.

In conclusion, it can be said that no one or nothing can harm us unless we allow them. They are doing what they are we have to do what we are instructed to do by our beloved Prophet.

Do everything but in limitations, don’t cross your religious boundaries, don’t be fooled to follow anyone blindly. Be wise, have some insight, choose to share only that what’s necessary. Otherwise guard your data and yourself!

Contributors are students at the National Defence University, Islamabad. 

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