Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

My father and his friends did not commit any crime

Photo of Ghulam Abbas, one of the incarcerated residents of Hunza

By Adiyana Abbas

My beloved father Ghulam Abbas along with other 13 innocent citizens from Hunza have been kept behind the bars for the last 8 years just because they raised their voice and protested for the their rights and the affectees of Attabad & Shishkat.
Who will speak for us? Who knows how much we have suffered in his absence? Staying away from dad has shattered us mentally. We are unable to stay focused on our studies and career after this incident. It has effected our financial and mental condition a lot.
Our family is continuously knocking the doors of judiciary but we didn’t get any justice yet.
My dad didn’t commit any crime. He always served and stood for his people and region from the front.
My daddy and his friends didn’t commit any crime, neither they are in any type of politics
We demand immediate release of aseeran e Hunza, including my father.
Instagram did not return a 200.
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