Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Injleen Hussain from Gilgit-Baltistan shines at COMSATS

By Akhtar Jamil 

No doubt, Gilgit-Baltistan is known for its natural beauty in the whole region. But, the real and hidden beautify lies in its inhabitants, who are known for their sincerity, loyalty and their belief in hard work. I am delighted to share the success story of Injleen Hussain, who hails from Karimabad Hunza. She recently won Bronze medal in her bachelor’s studies in the field of Biotechnology from COMSATS University, Abbottabad.

Her educational story started from Hasegawa Memorial Public School Hunza and then she went to Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Hunza for pre-medical education. She had been a very competitive and hardworking student and she aimed to become a doctor. Although, she qualified the MBBS exam, but unfortunately, she was dropped in nominations. But, she never gave up and to accomplish her dreams, she had already prepared another plan.

She then decided to do join COMSATS University to study bachelor’s in biotechnology. She recalls her life at the university—the sleepless nights working on quizzes, assignments and preparing for exams. In fact, maintaining a very good CGPA throughout four years is not a trivial task. However, life at the university was an amalgam of both highs and lows. In the end, it turned out to be a successful story and she attributes her success to her belief in hard work.

She had a great experience of doing research at the university and she was lucky enough to learn under guidance of some great professors. She particularly worked on an eye disease called Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma which is very common in Asia including Pakistan. She adds that there is lack of awareness about such diseases in Pakistan and GB in particular. So, she aimed to go for a subject that could help to play a vital role as an individual and a young researcher of Pakistan to eradicate such issues.

She has already started working at a private hospital as researcher in the Department of Clinical Research. Her story does not end here, she wants to achieve highest qualification in public health. Therefore, she is now aiming to get a merit scholarship to study abroad and then return back to the country to serve the people.


Although she belongs to an average class family, but she did not let the economic situation become a hurdle in her studies. Her hard work paid off and received merit scholarship throughout her studies. It is also worth mentioning the support from her family who backed her up no matter what the situation was.

I personally believe that support from family is a crucial factor to shape life of our children. It not only instills self-confidence in them but it also teaches them how to stand on their own feet and face the difficulties of life. I am pretty sure that there are many students like Injleen in our area, who could make a difference. If they are given proper guidance and attention, then sky will be their limit and they can turn stone sheds into golden castles.

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