Heat stroke

Batool Raza

Twenty first century has ushered new dimensions of dangers surrounding our environment. With every passing day, the risks are increasingly prevalent. Who is responsible and accountable for it? Yes!  We, the humans, are responsible for it.

Human activities of rapid industrialization which causes excessive pollution, deforestation-where substantial amount of trees are destroyed carelessly which causes reduced oxygen emission in our atmosphere, burning fossil fuels on a massive scale and unwanted usage of energy without care has instigated this trouble of global warming where the average temperatures around the globe are rising drastically which is causing heat stokes, draughts and storms.

Excessive carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere and pollution has severely affected the ozone layer, causing harmful sun rays to reach our globe to spread harmful diseases like vitiligo and cancer.  Also, undue amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thickens the greenhouse blanket which causes large amount of heat to be trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere.

In 2015, around 2000 lives were affected in Pakistan by this dilemma; let’s work to prevent hundreds of lives from this nuisance.

Let’s make a difference together by planting trees and sowing the seeds of progress in our country. Let’s reduce pollution by trimming down unwanted usage of energy which will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere.  Let’s set up water coolers outside our homes to prevent travelers from dehydration. Drink loads of water, eat extensive amount of fruits, vegetables and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid leaving indoors unnecessarily.

Even one of us can make a huge difference by saving one life. We have to save our Earth for our future generations and for our better living standards. To save Earth is our core responsibility.  We can and we will make a difference. Are you the one who will save these precious lives?

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