Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

What is Knowledge Society?

By Brig (r) Hissamullah Baig 

  1. A new society formed as a result of the contemporary societal change pushed by technological innovation and institutional transformation, which is not only about technological innovations, but also about human beings, their personal growth and their individual creativity, experience and participation in the generation of knowledge. The primary role of cities in a knowledge society is to ensure that their knowledge sources are passed on and advanced by each generation. Learn more in: Knowledge-Based Urban Development
  2. A wider concept of information society; entails commitment of persons as knowers. Learn more in: The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Competence of the Young
  3. In an evolutionary view, it can be seen as the successor of a previous phase, the “information society” (IS), which in turn followed the “industrial society”. IS was so called because of the huge flow of information that was triggered by the advent of computers, data processing systems and communications. In the knowledge societyknowledge, and not mere information, is the most valuable asset. It is what is in the head of people (tacit knowledge) and what can materialize tangibly in the physical world, as print, or human exchanges (explicit knowledge). It is what drives the economy in the new millennium. Learn more in: Ambient Intelligence
  4. An association of people that have similar interests, be they social, economic, political, cultural and so on and by making effective use of their collective knowledge in their areas of interest thereby contributing to further knowledge that will lead to national progress and global development. Learn more in: Computer Communication and ICT Attitude and Anxiety Among Higher Education Students
  5. society where main of the prosperity and well-being of its people came from the creation, sharing and use of knowledgeLearn more in: Use of E-Collaboration Technologies Among Students of Management
  6. Developed society based on the access to knowledgeLearn more in: Strategic Crowdsourcing as an Emerging Form of Global Entrepreneurship
  7. Knowledge Society is understood as the ability that people have in the face of information, to develop a reflective competence, relating its multiple aspects, according to a particular time and space, with the ability to establish connections with other knowledge and use it in their everyday lives ( Pelizzari et al., 2002 ). Learn more in: Information, Knowledge, and Learning Society
  8. Advanced societies reaching a stage of development predominantly based on production and utilization of knowledgeLearn more in: Modeling Knowledge Society

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  1. What am I missing here’ this looks like a sociology based random collection of information about modern innovation and ? ? ?. It doesnot seem like connecting to anything. The sequence of events in the writing are scattered in every direction and the purpose looks like a far shot to oblivion. I am starting to doubt the selection criteria for publishing an article on PT.

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