Remembering Late. Amin Hussain, a young activist

By Abdul Ali

Hunza with its upper principality, once known for its socially peaceful dwellers, where even wild animals co-existed with human beings in friendly environment, is bygone good olden days now. Or can it be kept intact even today? The dwellers were docile, lived in harmonium which made law enforcers like police to flee rather register fake criminal cases for their own survival .People mingled together ,solved social and economic problems keeping sanctity of families intact. Yes that was then and it’s now; with discomfiting economics and social hypertension. Ultra-changes have happened in many areas and levels some for good, some for worse. Changes without sound footing and devoid of planning often proves destructive. It has been noted at national level the parameters defining development are skewed and misleading, that seems the very case with us too.

In currency people from the area have been experiencing an enigmatic and perplexing situation. It seems it’s under the spell of fourth dimensional retarding force, as it has been mysteriously losing its younger lot, twelve in a row, on flimsy pretexts and under inexplicable circumstances. What are the raison d’etre; social taboos, brutal economics or snobbery? The area is claimant of highest literacy rate, whether this is just a quantitative rush and not qualitative in terms of bringing social and societal changes with an inclusive approach. What makes girls end their lives by throwing themselves in river on failing in examination? Though the people are spiritually and religiously strong enough not to lose courage and ending lives just in errant. Admittedly the traditional education with less effort would not absolve one from harsh facts of life and emerging challenges. Either its male or female social and personal issues are not discussed for finding realistic solution, rather are buried under the rugs-contrary to the spirit and application of education. Without proper planning and control-individually as well collective, abrupt changes proves fatal.

One such death of Amin Hussain occurred in very mysterious circumstances. Born to very considerate man Mr. Haji Hussain, on 22nd February 1988 in Ghulkin was a very charming, social and people friendly fella, who always wore altruism on his sleeves. The person was at prima facie under no any economic or psychological duress.  With good schooling and graduation in international relation (IR) from Peshawar University, he has always been found at the forefront of various voluntary bodies like Red Crescent Foundation Islamabad, GECA Islamabad and GSL of Ghulkin Scouts Group. Aside from communal service he was much engaged in mundane affairs in taking full role and control of his own life; what one aspires from an ideal person. He served as a Chines language teacher in Sedna School and Collage Aliabad Hunza and was an active member and business partner of Hud Hud Business Group and Hud Hud Organization. But with this much high profile credentials to his resume’, ending his own life left people flabbergasted and shell-shocked and everyone is mentally aghast to such fatality. Fewer such persons are there who keep both spirit and mundane affairs on equal keel. Had he lived amongst us, he would have proved precious asset for the society in term of social worker, a good humane friend and high acumen ship to his fellows doing business. He has in his passing away left behind huge gulf which is hard to fill in. Social mobilization, communion social service and welfare work he did best under the aegis of scout guiding, which he headed with great zeal and zest. He took a special person Rehman Ullah Baig on long expedition to Batura pasture during one of his scouting camping, which  none amongst us would hardly think of such caring and sharing joys of life with others especially with those having natural mobility restrictions. May Allah giveth his soul rest and peace in His perennial abode (Ameen)

Apart from the overt signs there may be some covert things at play. If not at all but fairly enough science in every field of life has gone far in exploring and solving lots of enigmatic issues. It has traversed great deal in biological and psychological field with attended professional ethics. Notwithstanding it has not come with elaborate explanations on mysteries and spiritual matters .Human psychology is very complex to untangle or untwine to put in linearity model. There would be very far and few who have fallen under spell of supernatural forces or detracting spirits in ending their lives. But what defines the society is its own heterogeneity of people and their perspectives on long term life of society they want to build upon and live within. If characterized by shoddy and superficial moral standards then it has its evil repercussion too; where people only eulogize those who have monetary worth or has attained relative success through fair or foul means, then it’s definitely inviting suffocation and strangulation for the rest. People must be able to hear sound of silence and be compassionate enough.

Across the board presently youth on the average, if I am not unnecessarily over pessimistic, are not that much religious in thought and actions, thus stripped off from social and moral norms and religious values. Most resort to alcoholism and other forms of cheap entertainment, proudly calling it tension reliever. Although there are exceptions to this which for sure exist in every society. For true Muslim supplication to God is the only prescription for reprieve and peace? Speaking realistically getting your mind numbed for a while would not do away with your tense situation you are in or emotional pain one is suffering from? It is bound to intensify it more rather relieving, but one does play ostrich syndrome. With the spread of internet usage social media networking like Facebook is also having adversarial psychology impact. One with bit relative success, has his hard sneeze uploaded from his/her comfort zone. Is this worth saying to public, no it is resulting in envy and depression somewhere else? Why this shouldn’t be, when you share shiny side of life, ignoring the darker ones? Has anyone updated his/her failure in examination or kicking out from job status on it?

Time for serious reflection over grave matters to ameliorate lest things get more awry and time would have slipped by so much to restore. Our youth need to be prepared mentally and physically to compete and survive in this competitive world with open mind and positive attitude. Unless this competitiveness challenge is accepted until then frustrations would soar resulting in more such mysterious deaths. It’s also expected of the people to believe in fair play and destiny and should not think of evil or do play trick with others in destroying lives by hiding one’s own inability.

The contributor is an ACMA, and Media Coordinator of Ghulkin Youth Association.

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  1. It took me a while to figure out the article is about author’s friend committing suicide.I suggest the author try to write with simplicity and directness (if aspiring to be a prose writer) If trying to impress with his knowledge of obscure phrases and sound intellectual than I guess he is doing a good job. Second point is if one has an itch to think deep about suicide, recommend reading Albert Camus and Schopenhauer’s ideas about suicide.

  2. The points raised by Abdul Ali deserve serious consideration May be in the mad rush for breaking news and self appreciation we are causing pain to others who may deserve better treatment from us.

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