Life, A Precious Gift

Life a Precious Gift

Nagina Sarwar

Life is a precious and valuable gift of Allah Almighty which should not be spent without purpose. Life is a platform which is the combination of griefs and gladness. It gets ups and down too, but only passion, satisfaction and compassion can be the best therapies to save us from being disappointed and cynic.
As stated in Holly Quran “one who protects a single human life; he is the savior of all mankind”. This Ayyah shows that life must not be waste; it must be for the rescue and support of social beings.

Life is a respected gift to you from Allah the highest so why not raise the worth of it by using it in the best system. Life is to be cherished and safe all times. Life is to be respected. Let’s stop for a moment and think about life, as a gift that we are breathing, seeing, hearing, walking, talking, connecting, everything are wonders and gifts from Allah.

Many people rely on that life is of no value, many lives are ending themselves with drug, many are doing suicides and may lost lives in road accidents which mean that they are taking their life by their own consciously. As it has been observed that within a week five people came through road accidents.  If we talk about suicide there are several cases where people lost their life which showed that life become meaningless and even they proved it by hurting themselves and by taking their lives.

Let’s talk about suicide which is one of the pathetic issue of our society. Suicides become one of the rising phenomena in Gilgit Baltistan and it has been noticed that youth are mostly involved in committing suicide. The rising suicide trend in GB is posing thoughtful questions not only to the community leader but for the whole society too. Unfortunately the issue has been not given due consideration.  I don’t know why this issue is not taken seriously which is rising day by in our society. The newly mushrooming issue is the increasing road accident which is again one of the serious issues when we talk about youth.  Losing three lives within a week due to bike accidents is not a joke. Why youth become so careless and they don’t afraid of losing their lives? This mostly happens only and only due to their own mistakes, speed driving, not proper use of helmets and even they don’t obey the rules of traffic which results to loss of valuable lives.

Think for a while, if any of our beloved give us any gift how excited we become to open that gift to see what is inside the box and everyone make a proper mind to give one of the best gift in return to their friends and beloved. The same should be with our lives, because it is a gift from Allah and what we do with that gift is our gift to Him so. This is up to all of us that how can we make our lives meaningful and spend it in a positive way. Let’s start doing it from today to find ease in life. Let’s treasure the gift that was given to us. Turn around, observe the world and realize what the gifts are and hopefully you will come to and give appreciation to these blessings from the Almighty.

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