Resistance Against GB Order 2018

Sikandar Shigri

Once again the people of GB are on the streets for their constitutional rights and this time it is against the infamous GB ORDER 2018. This order has been formulated under the supervision of the then Advisor to prime minister, Sartaj Aziz. It contains clauses that are unacceptable for the people of GB. Although the government is claiming that it brings the people of GB at par to other provinces of Pakistan and is a stride towards empowering the people of GB, yet in reality it is an ACT which snatches all the basic rights of the GB locals. This order invests all powers to the prime minister of Pakistan who is not the true representative of people of GB as they have no right to cast vote and choose a prime minister. The application of this new ORDER in GB is tantamount to the colonialism. The people of GB cannot live with a system and in a system where their rights would be usurped and their voices would be suppressed. This homeland has a history of bravery and gallantry. They are independent people. They cannot be enchained with such ACTs and ORDERS.

I am afraid why does the Pakistani federation not endorse the sacrifices of the people of GB and give them fully constitutional Rights? If the intricacies of UN resolution are the only reason as claimed by authorities, then there are other ways through which you can dispense basic rights to the people of GB according to their wishes and desires. All these matters can be settled by making necessary amendments in the article and provisional constitutional right can be given to them. By doing so, neither Pakistan stance on Kashmir will effect nor it will be against UN resolutions. However, there are other options as well to resolve this issue but it needs sincerity which is dearth. This matter is not that much complicated as it has been portrayed.

The people of GB have rendered myriad sacrifices for this country since the accession of GB to Pakistan unconditionally. I believe, it was a blunder by the people of GB that they blindly annexed their region to Pakistan without having any documental testimony. This was only due to their immense love and affection for this country. This is the very first proof of their love for this country. Every now and then and at every front people of this region have play their part to make this country invincible i.e. Against the enemies be as LALIK JAN, surmounting the highest peak and making Pakistan proud be as Samina Baig and Hassan Satpara.

What actually do the federal authorities want to achieve by deterring the people of GB getting their constitutional rights? Why they don’t understand the seriousness of this matter through the prism of CPEC. Why has chaos been created on such petty matter and risking the multibillion project.  Recently GB government has used forces against the protestors to quell their voices. This is a despicable act and you cannot suppress the voices of people by using forces. Under the guise of such mayhem the enemies may succeed in their ulterior motives to undermine CPEC.

This is the age of technology and social media. People of GB is now well aware and well abreast of their rights and are strongly committed to get their rights. The whole GB is on the streets now.So they cannot be distracted and mollified by imposing such unjust Orders and Acts. Therefore, it is high time to mull over this matter seriously and sort out a viable solution which is acceptable for the people of GB.

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