Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Preventing Suicides Proactively

Naila Ajaz

“I think it would be foolish to believe that there are no problems, life is made of problems, they occur every day just about to everyone around the world, and I think it is important that we should simply accept that is life and we must live it fully and courageously.” His Highness the Aga Khan IV

Let’s discuss the issue of suicide attempt.

I am not a legend; I have never attempted a suicide. I am  even not aware of the root causes that force an individual to  reach to the extreme decision of taking the most valuable blessing of Allah, that is Life.

Nevertheless, I know the pain of a mother while bringing a new soul to the world and I also know the hassle a father goes through, during the process of upbringing his child.

I don’t understand, after knowing all the struggles, emotions and sensitivities involved, a young individual can take the drastic step of ending his or her life!!

They probably only feel that by committing suicide they will get rid of life, but they fail to consider the emotions, hopes and pains of those depending on them.

Unfortunately, I know about some suicide cases, most of them resulting from domestic issues.

We need to find a solution to overcome these situations. I do know that it is hard to eliminate this menace from our society, but yes we can minimize it.

I feel so awkward to write about the topic at the moment it is because we start thinking when we get through it, we never do planning and work on it earlier. It is unfortunate but still it is a positive action that one is thinking to overcome it.

Let us tell those who are trying to kill themselves that they are not alone. They need to have faith, and hope. Life is God’s gift. Let’s give the authority only to Him, to take it back whenever He wants.

“Struggle is the meaning of life; defeat or victory is in the hands of God. But struggle itself is man’s duty and should be his joy.”  Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III

I am feeling glad and at the same time it makes me sad at a girl when she once came to me and shared her sad and emotional life story. What made me glad was that at least she expressed her pain with someone; her own father and step mother were treating her really bad. She felt down, and depressed. I somehow tried to convince her to be patient, and think about her future with hope and positivity. Allah has always planned well for HIS creatures.   I do not know what was going inside her, but what I could tell was that she felt really relaxed and satisfied after sharing her story with me, and getting a message of hope and perseverance. Now, I can see her living with normally, and taking care of her younger sister, with the hope that things will change for good.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”
Martin Luther King Jr.

I know two women who preferred death over their kids. I also know a young boy who has chosen death instead of thinking about his poor mother.

Now let’s discuss about some solutions to prevent Suicide:

1.     It is always a good option to avoid talking more about suicide on social media because it can make the idea glamours and might attract attention of those having suicidal tendencies
2.     In educational institute teachers should have check on every students, once in alternate weeks organize session on multiple topics including suicide.
3.     Any individual who observe someone depressed should step forward in resolving and sharing their problems.
4.     If anyone talks to you never ignore him/her must listen and listen some more.
5.     Have a watch in your circle, it has been noticed that suicide attempter always isolate himself/ herself.  Identify and try to keep him/her busy, talk more.

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