Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Aberration of Gilgit-Baltistan’s Constitutional Rights

Advocate Shehryar Muhammad

In the past, efforts were made to abrogate the subsidy have been forcefully opposed by the locals and nationalists. Now it’s high time that we have to be reunited and start struggle to gain our rights. In the golden words of Adv Johar Ali Khan;


دُعا  کرے ایسی کو عرش کوئی  لرزائے

کرے  رہا  سے اس کو  خلق ، میں بَلاکر پڑ

کرے  کہا  سے  زباں  بندہ  ،جو خدا  مانے

کرے  پا  زنجیرِ  بھی  کام کا  درا  بانگِ

“کرے  خدا روشن جسے بجھے کیا  شمع  وہ”


Gilgit Baltistan is a disputed area. According to 1949 both India and Pakistan accepted that Gilgit Baltistan a disputed territory. Here conventions of United Nations Organization (UNO) the countries are bond to give subsidy to the disputed areas under their supervision.

In 1972 Shimla Pact between Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Butto & Gandhi “Gandhi asked about Gilgit Baltistan because India was already giving subsidy to Kashmir, after Shimla pact Bhutto provided subsidy to Gilgit Baltistan till the decision of Kashmir.

Therefore, it has been repeated again for us to withdraw or reduce the subsidy that they providing as twenty eight percent subsidy will be reduce too while according to UNO’s Constitution it is illegal that Pakistani Government will not withdraw or reduce subsidy as it then it will face the challenges as according to UNO’s Constitution.

Now we can’t just laid our paths to be deviated while giving them our full attorney towards political figures because they are basically Cajole to federal. They are obligated to do as federal government demands them to do along the pattern as it is set by federal ministry. But along all these our representatives betraying from their initial as they say before election. So their treason shows their greed for availing of membership from legislative assembly to uplift their lifestyle better and make all the citizens of Gilgit Baltistan their servants, to continue their rule on Gilgit Baltistan.

So, the Upper Cast will never join the crackdown only the needy ones struggle for that. Raise your voice come again and be united. Federal Government has indignantly decided and now its our turn to chide their decision and give them our best Response on their decisions while showing them our unity and awareness of constitutional Rights.

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