Eid Miladun Nabi (ﷺ): The Spiritually Great Miraculous Dimension to Ponder!

Karim Khan

Full of its great traditional religious zeal and fervor, the Muslm Ummah is celebrating the auspicious occasion of the birth of its beloved Final Prophet (ﷺ) of God Almighty (ﷻ) all over the world. (ماشاءاللہ)! His day of advent in the year AD 570-71 of the Christian Era marked and signaled the heralding of the advent of God’s ﷻ last finalized and completed dimension of the essentially and spiritually-purifying and exalting dawn later known as the great civilization of Islam, on whose day of essential completion, God Almighty (ﷻ) Himself declared that He ﷻ has today completed His religion along with His favored completion of all bounties. This was going to mark the beginning of the logical end to the phase of Prophethood and its seal once and for all the time to come; the end to the finalization of the seal of God’s ﷻ chosen Prophets as now all the great logically available dimensions of the great Divine philosophy of promulgating His Sharia would now have completed in terms of His all-encompassing spiritual philosophy, as He ﷻ being the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient one! And there cannot be any second view of such a great logical conclusion of the end to this great phase! His own golden words لا بعدی نبی …testify it. Regarding any other spatial and time dimensions, let us discuss them separately some other time.

Despite some of the historically possible differences of the auspicious respective occasions of the great birthdays for instance say of the last three of the great prophets of God Almighty ﷻ, i.e., Prophet Moses (ع), Prophet Jesus Christ (ع) and the Prophet of Islam Muhammad ﷺ, there is one dimension of commonality, the commonality of the spiritually great miracles as mentioned in God’s last heavenly scripture of the Holy Quran. This is apart from the essential commonality of all great prophets of God ﷻ preaching monotheism (as opposed to polytheism or atheism) in one way or the other of their respective age and historical context. Being believers also in all the earlier great messengers of Allah Almighty (ﷻ) apart from our own last great prophet of Islam (ﷺ), it is our religious and moral obligation to also to believe in and respect them all as enjoined on us. So, there is mention of revelation on Prophet Moses’ mother before his birth. (As mentioned in Holy Quran’s chapters of Qasus and Taha respectively as also recently referred to by one of our respectable sister Islamic communities’ leading religious scholar in one of this week’s local Urdu newspapers of GB). Similarly, there is mention of yet some of the other prophets of God Almighty (ﷻ) whose mention and reference is beyond this article’s limitations or purview here including the mention of the birth of Jesus Christ from the holy womb of Marry immaculate (Marium e be dagh).

But the way God ﷻ Himself has addressed the Holy Prophet ﷺ is the final word of His as He ﷻ ordained: “(If it was not you, O. Muhammad, I would not at all have brought the world into existence”). God ﷻ has also ordained that “You (Muhammad) have been sent as blessing for the worlds”. This is great attestation on the part of God Almighty ﷻ regarding the validity and all-time relevance of His final promulgation of His final Rasool’s ﷺ Sharia.

Who else can be the best and great worldly upholder of proof and testimony than the Holy Prophet’s ﷺ great blessed mother Amna who is said to have told that the moment she gave birth to the Holy Prophet ﷺ, she put her left hand on the ground and her right one and head raised to the sky in a praying mode as she heard the voice that she is going to give birth to the great Godly sent one (Mursal i Azam), Sayyidul Mursaleen, Sardarul Anmbia, Sarwar e Konain and the Rahmatul lil Aalamen and his name was going to be Muhammad ﷺ!. (This is no mere superstition or schizophrenia, as in ignorance may thought to be so in by someone unbelieving in their over-sharpness of mind in order to veil ignorance! Let us discuss it in a separate article next time).

Not only this, but in the annals of great history has it also been chronicled that at the historic moment of the advent of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, some quite unique, strange and hitherto unprecedented chain of universal great spiritual indications were observed. These included the high-magnitude earthquake and its resultant crumbling of the sovereigns of Rome etc and falling down of some great pillars. Apart from it, in the land of Hijaz, a great luminous mass of light (نُور) was also observed rising from the Occident (Western) horizon and setting in the Orient (Esatern) one (This has also been mentioned by the eminent scholar just alluded to here above).

Apart from their crystal-clear Clarion call to really to act upon his pure way of life as a complete code of life, these historic events or incidents provide us all ample reasoning for exploring facts or evidences and reasons for the right-oriented discerning minds of humanity to delve further deeper into the unfathomable ocean of intellect and wisdom, for the greatest bounty as promised by God ﷻ is that of wisdom۔ Let us all pray for this really to internalize ourselves. This would be a great service and contribution towards projecting the real peace-essence image of Islam as God’s ﷻ final dispensation and His beloved Prophet’s ﷺ Islam and its current world image not being tarnished any further as has over the recent years been, so unfortunately.


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