AKES striving to enhance co-curricular skills of students in Chitral

Muhammad Nabi

Chitral. Involvement of students in co-curricular activities helps in enhancing their confidence level; instils in them the spirit of healthy competition; makes them physically and mentally fit; abstains them from social ills; and provides them with the opportunity to bring out their hidden talent and potentials. Moreover, co-curricular activities boost up students’ interest level in studies. In today’s knowledge society, such activities play the same vital role as the curricular activities. Any activity that contributes in learning of a child has now become part of education and hence the notion of education has completely changed i.e. it should develop a child holistically.

In order to promote this simultaneous approach to education, the role of AKES, P, which is steeped in such traditions, has always been privileged and praiseworthy. Without breaking with this tradition, AKES, P Chitral conducted a competition for eleven items viz. Qirat, Hamd, Naat, National Anthem, Mili Naghma, quiz, drama, speech (Urdu and English) and essay (Urdu and English) in all middle and high schools under the jurisdiction of its three Regional School Development Units (RSDU).

Firstly, the competitions took place at intra-school level, followed by cluster level where schools in the nearest vicinity constituted one cluster. Thirdly, RSDU level, wherein finalists of the previous level competed and last was the regional level in which the finalists of all the three RSDUs competed tooth and nail to make it to the top on the grand finale held on December 16, 2018 in the atrium of the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Seenlasht, Chitral.

A good number of notables, educationists, social activist, officials from both the government and private institutions and others attended the event. To grace the event, Mr. Muhammad Afzal,President Aga Khan Regional Council for  Lower Chitral was nominated as guest of honour and Mr Amir Muhammad, Head Emergency Management Unit, AKAH Chitral presided over the program.

Each item of the event was judged by a panel of judges. Judges included, Mufti Fida Muhammad, Khateeb, University of Chitral, Mufti Ateeq-Ur-Rehman, Lecturer, Government Degree College for Boys Chitral; Maulana Sami-Ul-Haq, Jama Islamia Rehankot; Sardar Ali, Alwaiz, Sr. Scholar, Tariqah Board Upper Chitral; Qazi Salamat Ullah, Naib Amir, Jamat-e-Islami; Rehmat Hasil, Lecturer, Government Degree College for Boys Chitral; Ansar Elahi; Salim Zahid; Abida Hussain, Lecturer, AKHSS Chitral; Tufail Nawaz, Principal, AKHSS Chitral; Prof. Shahid Gul, University of Chitral and Atta Hussain, Lecturer AKHSS Chitral.   

After a neck and neck contest, those schools who carried the day were AKS Khot 1st in Qirat; AKS Raman in Naat; AKS Mastuj in Hamd; AKS Brep in Mili Naghma; AKS Breshgram in National Anthem, AKS Royee in Urdu Speech, AKS Booni in Urdu essay; AKS Buzund in English speech; AKS Chapali in English essay and AKS Ovirk in quiz and drama. Certificates and shields were awarded to the students for their performance.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Regional Education Board for Lower Chitral, Mr. Anwar Baig felicitated the AKES, P Chitral and its officials for organizing such a wonderful event of healthy competition. In his two-edged address, he advised the students to be obeying and obedient towards their teachers and appealed to the teachers to take their profession both as noble and prophetic. To boost up students’ confidence and encourage them to work harder, he quoted Mr Langland once saying that Chitrali students were unparalleled in genius all over in the world, but they only lacked a pinch of hard work.

Mr Qazi Salamat Ullah shed light on the three main teachings of the Holy Quran: physical, universal and narrative sciences. He drew a very beautiful analogy among the three by emphasizing on translating the teachings of the Holy Book into actions. He said that the Holy Quran guides us to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. ‘Moral development should be the mission of every educating child,’ he said.

Towards the end, the chief guest took the floor. In his speech he appreciated the students’ competitive flair even though they belong to far-flung areas of the region and expressed his firm conviction on the soil of Chitral being so fertile in producing such talents.  He also acknowledged the contribution of the AKES, P in promoting girls’ education which is a cry for progress.

The final speech was by the president who congratulated AKES, P Chitral management for arranging such events. In his address, he appreciated all in general and the 1st position holders in particular for their hard work. He also quoted the Aga Khan III’s famous saying on educating and giving preference to the female child if a person affords to educate any one of the two.

At the end of the program, the chief guest and president of the program were presented with souvenirs. Manager HR, Mr Akhtar Nawaz delivered vote of thanks speech and then audience were served lunch.  

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