Wed. May 12th, 2021

The other kids

By Hina Ali 

Though kids are normally taken as one entity. They are endearing to everyone. Everyone loves them and almost no one wants to bring any harm to them. There is a consensus on that. But the thing on which there is no consensus is on the two situations. One where kids are happily living under the care and love of both parents. Secondly where kids are living under the care of one parent only.

Based on this there are two type of kids. Those who have a normal life surrounded by both parents. And the other ones who have only one parent. I mean in the sense of separation or being divorced.

Though kids are loved by everyone. But it’s heart wrenching to see kids who do not get love of both parents. Because every child deserves to be loved as much as anyone.

I’ll point out why it happens? And what happens when it happens?

It happens because both parents suddenly decide to live a different life. They want to live a life of their own choice. Because the choices they made earlier to be together suddenly seem a burden to them.

They want to live a life free of earlier circumstances. They want to live a life where they do not have to make compromises.

It’s a long list of what both parents want and what they do not want and it varies from person to person, case to case. In any case, it’s the kids who suffer.

And it’s heart wrenching to see them suffer. Because they didn’t make a choice and it’s imposed on them. Due to this reason life may suddenly seem unfair to them because they had no choice and it was imposed on them.

These kids normally are different from other kids. They have responses different from other kids. They may talk, act and behave differently from other kids.

For example they become premature in their understanding. Where normal kids may think about petty issues like hunger, sleep, thirst. Their thoughts may be more surrounded around things like love, care and fairness. For example they may ask questions about why their family is not together. Does their parents love them or not.

Their thoughts are as mature as a 28 years old adult.

We can all prevent this by giving these kids a congenial environment. Where they can grow and blossom as an individual.

We need to give them love and care like we give to other kids.

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