Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Sowing the seeds of satisfaction

By Azra Nisar

When we are small kids, we desire to be called a school-going-student and a social butterfly. When we get into school life, we wish for the mature colored uniform of college. When we get into college, we yearn for university and yearn for brand-conscious dresses in our wardrobes. When we get into our dream university, a crave for professional life gets aroused. This is followed by sprouting of an extreme want for retirement. At the pinnacle of our age, we desire to be kids again.

We have invented enormous complex machines and mind blowing gadgets to study the intricate things around but we are unable to discover or invent a device that could sow a seed of satisfaction in the yards of our hearts and minds.  This seed once sowed, can emerge as a robust tree eventually giving us fruits of love, peace, and persistence. Always remember satisfaction has a huge kilowatts rather Megawatts of power that can make you closer to your desire.

Satisfaction is somewhere around us in each passing day but we don’t know the art of taking pleasure from each day that we spend either it is energy taking Monday or a soothing Sunday. We keep on immersing ourselves in the days of past either that we can’t change or thinking about the future which is an unexpected adventurous trip. All we need is to set our focus merely on the present time we are living in.

Creativity is actually in having cognizance of living in the present which really don’t require your high scores in Math or formulae of energy conversion. It actually asks for your notice and to fill every mili second of the day with a captivating color from your paint box.

Here are some simple tactics that could help us out in solving the mystery of living in the present.

  • Avoid those who de motivates you and laugh on your desires, get up and delete every contact from your phone that sends you de motivating texts and make fun of your goals.
  • Get yourselves connected with a diverse group of people, absorb all the positive things from them and put all your negativity into the trash bin besides you.
  • Don’t allow your mind to think of past or future, since our minds need something to get engage with. So, do any of your favorite activity that can be any good thing.

Don’t waste your present moments in want of much better days, it is in our hold to make the days memorable or awful. Never add only those days in your memorable day’s diary when you had a party or a trip rather that day when you had pause past and play present is a memorable day. A day when you had lived for yourself with your things with your creativity is a day to remember.

We all certainly need to sow the seed of satisfaction.

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