Is suicide cowardly?

By Shabana Afzal 

You think suicide is cowardly?

I’ll tell you what’s cowardly.

Hurting someone so much that

They want to end their lives. ― ASHELY

I was less familiar with the word suicide because of its rarity, uncommonness and unusual in our circle. But now it compelled me to jot down those emotions that are pinching inside and tingling our heart and soul with pain, sorrow and grief. We people always became more conscious and more concern after things went wrong to us. In the same vein, I took it under consideration when our beloved one took this path and when now I am among the grief-stricken

Miseries, discomfort, distress, despondency, desolation and depression in life leads to suicide. Suicidal thoughts are born when we start to think that problems are bigger than our lives. Suicide is a short cut give up from the crippled life and a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Now point to consider, to acknowledge and to examine is why this anxiety? Why this uneasiness? Why afraid of problems and why unable to relax ourselves?

Let’s take a journey through our life, our lifestyle is so systematized and honestly, our system has duality. though it seems it is highly efficient to live a happy life but internally it is the system of degrading one side and upgrading other.

As we all accept we are born with different mind, capability and with a different speciality. Some individuals are more capable and conducive in dealing words, alphabets and books that’s why they are tagged with the name of high-grade achievers. Because of their so-called high score, we respect more, always in our consideration and center of attention. Now come to those who have different potentiality with distinctive features. What we can do for them? Yes! Definitely, we can scold them and disregard them.

Ill-starred! We don’t have the system to judge their abilities or to discover their inner potentials. Consequently, by our own action, we put the arm on him to realize them of being worthless. On these grounds, he became coward and their existence seems pointless to him and undoubtedly it promotes toward depression which ends the story of this systematic life with suicide.

Above example was just a typical example from the early stages of life. While driving the life vehicle, we daily deal with degrading situations, such as comparison, relating, discrimination and the utmost concern is rating peoples according to their inner strength and outer vigour.

We all are valuable, a failure or high achievers, a public speaker or silent lover, inspiring celebrity or an uninspiring personality. We all are valuable because ALLAH never creates garbage.

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