Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

 A Conversation

AZRA NISAR | University of Central Asia, Naryn

 Man: Why don’t you stay long and leave me that soon?

Success: Sorry! But I have a sister named “failure” which you need more than me to groom

Man:   Satisfaction where you are?

Satisfaction:   O God’s creation, find me, I don’t talk but not that far

Man:   No one to talk, moving into a gloomy cave

Loneliness:   Have a self talk; I am preparing you for your own funeral going to have

Man:   I am looking for you since ages, where and when you will meet

Love:  I am in you, engross in your soul…..just wait for the fastest heart beat

Man:  I need to know what I am doing. Why running so hard?

Reason:   Man look into the mirror something is missing which you have left somewhere so far

Man:   Why allow you to come when alone? Why can’t face the world with you?

Tears:  Foolish man, make the world see me because it is the only reason of my being

Man:   Rolling my eyes, eating finger nails, and staring at clock moves

Wait:   Dear man, you are fortunate to have me; I am sign of hope…which later soothes

Man: I always try to keep myself away from you, why you remain dominating me?

Expectations: Hey! I am not that bad, I make you be around people you see

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